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Justin Bieber

Accused of Nightclub Attack

Over Hip-Hop Request

10/12/2013 10:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber is being accused of taking a "cheap shot" at popular DJ Michael Woods' manager this week in South Korea -- but we're told that just ain't true ... not exactly, anyway.

Woods unloaded this morning on Twitter claiming Biebs "muscled" his way into the DJ booth Thursday night and requested he play hip hop music ... but when he told Justin to "f**k off and put some clothes on" Bieber attacked his manager.

However ... the party's host Ben Baller tells us Woods is blowing the whole thing WAY out of proportion -- and claims not one sucker punch was thrown.

Baller admits Biebs and Woods did have a heated exchange over the music -- but is adamant things were squashed before anything got physical.

For what it's worth ... Bieber got behind the turntables once Woods wrapped his set and played some hip hop.

Bieber gets what Bieber wants.


No Avatar


He has his shirt off all the time because he knows he can't sing, so has to try to distract you from his lip-syncing.

He has turned into a total classless jerk from when he was young.

354 days ago


I only care because BIGBANG was at that party!!!

354 days ago


Apparently Justin the Bieber is looking to expand his title of the biggest douche bag in North America overseas now.........impressive.

Seriously what kind of POS goes into a foreign country and acts like this? I have spent plenty of time in the clubs and NEVER, not once have I seen anyone some fruit cake walking around a club or bar with his fooking shirt off unless he was in the parking lot about to fight (which is amature as well, taking of your shirt is going to make things a lot worse if the fight hits the ground and your backs on the gravel).

I am patiently waiting for the day this toolbox's fan base grows up, his money stops coming in, and people start treating him like the little POS he is!

354 days ago


spoiled brat... period

354 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Soak this all up folks and remember it when he's drugged out on skid row with poney tails in his hair and a knot tied in his shirt. I don't want anyone feeling sorry for him when that day comes.

354 days ago


Well the media tried to blame his erratic behavior and antics on the boys he use to hang with that are signed to lil wayne record label. Who are they going to blame now? It seems that he is this rich teen in which nobody can really discipline or tell him anything and he is on a path of self destruction. Ppl aren't going to tell him "oh that's wrong" etc b/c their around him for the lifestyle of the rich and famous

354 days ago


I can't imagine biebs muscling his way into anything.

354 days ago


Can't someone go to the Supreme Court and call out California Courts for always playing favorites with celebrities? In Thailand we saw Rihanna getting arrested for taking picture with some animal and they didn't care that she's Rihanna because she still broke the law. JB, Cris Brown, Amanda Bines and Lindsey Lohan are just a few examples of people who get off on some technicality or somehow gets out of trouble because they always have someone else on their payrole to take the blame for them.

354 days ago


Bullet, Drop zone, airborne, no access, full access, check out Michael woods-Last month I see my man Ransom, who's A-team/desert storm I grew up listening to on here getting dissed by nicki minaj on some bogus isht. This month my favorite producer in the game getting disrespected by this clown.

354 days ago


justin 'baby' you whiny little bitch! why dont you come to my booth and try some of that **** with me, i will stuff your little punk ass in a garbage can!

everyone is supposed to do what you want cause your something special?? why dont you please do us all a favor and commit suicide!!

354 days ago


Ha. put some cloths on! little boy coming up to grown ass man and he just got swatted away. FU Biebs.. Put a shirt on u tool

354 days ago


From the first picture above, it looks like JB might be doing something else to Michael. Just sayin . . .

354 days ago


This little wigger's career ended as soon as his voice cracked.

354 days ago

Billy Bob    

Definition of the word TOOL.

354 days ago


He's 5'4"......I think that explains just about everything.

354 days ago
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