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Lindsay Lohan

Reunites With Ex-Assistant

Who Ratted Her Out to Cops

10/12/2013 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan appears to have made-up with an old friend ... only problem, it's another crony with whom she has a history of getting into trouble.

LiLo was spotted leaving Lure restaurant in NYC last night with Gavin Doyle -- the same guy who ratted her out to cops last year ... when he told them Lohan was the driver in their crash on PCH -- a fact Lindsay tried to conceal.

Lindsay also famously booted Gavin from her car last year ... after leaving an NYC jail for allegedly punching a "gypsy." He was also her employee during most of Lohan's darkest drug fueled days.

It's unclear when the two made up -- but we thought for sure he would have been one of the 80 "toxic friends" LiLo cut from her life after rehab.

Then again ... Gavin wasn't the one making poor decisions. Maybe he should make a toxic list.


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That Gypsy girl is on the run, Broward County cops are looking for her for working her hustle on some wealthy fool.

383 days ago


Hey, Orcah..... has DUIna started cajoling you about doc-yew-menting AA Aliana's "comeback" since her successful heroin rehab in the philippines? Of course she has..... DUIna says she's "fine. Everything's fine. She's amazing. I'm a single mom of four".

383 days ago


So I see Lady Gaga put out her track list for her next album. And there is no mention of Blohan on it. She has rapper T.I. and singer R.Kelly on it, but not the junkie. Wasn't it Chief of Bile and BS the one who made the claim that Lindsay would be on Gaga's next album? Lol fail!

383 days ago


8 billion people in the world. If chief kum splatter,and twitter numbers matter. Then after the bought followers,the people that hate her,the advertisers.her 7 million followers went to 200 followers..thats .00003 people at every concert...justin bieber been around for two years and has 46million and katy perry three years and has 45 million

383 days ago


According to chief kum splatter lindsay was hand picked for these roles. "inferno" the linda lovelace story... "superman"...marilyn monroe bio... Remake of "carrie". woody allen and streep were both casting her in leading roles. Oliver stone movies. And nothing happened

383 days ago


Nicoles theory.if you get caught its not a crime,if you get found guilty it never happened if you went to court ordered rehab.and after three months its matter whay the paper work says.

383 days ago


What "Good Place" has dear old Linds been spotted out in overnight?

383 days ago


Oh yeah, FU, Gypsy Season is about to commence!!!

383 days ago

david 183    

Won't be long now.

383 days ago



Hilo Hatties, MuuMuu Maker for the Stars has confirmed that Kim K. and Lindsay have Special Ordered a plane load of Extra Grande Fashionable Floral Prints to camouflage the extra girth both Fashion Ho’s have gained recently!

The ladies put a Major Rush on the order and the garments will be delivered Air Express (Chartered) on Thursday.

Both Linds and Kimslvt have “outgrown their old wardrobes” and accepted that their bulk will be with them “for a while”; but the Show Must Go On, as they say…!

(Photo By Hilo Hattie)

383 days ago


I am sure Lady Gaga is bereft:

Lindsay Supporter ‏@LuvLDL (NicHOLE) 6m
I'm done with Lady Gaga . Lying about Lindsay appearing on her new album :(

383 days ago


I predict in 5 years, Lindsay Lohan will be a 32 year old junkie and the only place her picture will be shown is the 'Memba Them?!' section of TMZ. She will still be saying she only tried coke 10 to 15 times, she will still be living in her pimp's apartment, she will just have gotten out of rehab for the 92nd time and swear that this time "she gets it - all the other times she was in rehab were a joke just to stay out of jail". She will still be sporting those hideous, smelly, ridiculous hair extensions and those dirty ankle boots on the bottom of her tree trunk legs. He skin will appear orange on only one side of her body and her veneers will have fallen off by then revealing her less than stellar nubs of junkie teeth. Her lips will be deformed due to a collagen mishap and will be mistaken for balloon floats from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. She will still be stealing from, punching and blaming her sycophant friends and her bank accounts will be numerically lower than her considerable weight due to the interest on her non-payment tax evader status. Her acting resume will changed however, she will have racked up an impressive world's record of awards - all razzies (beating her current record as the worst actress of her generation). She will still be sighing and grunting like a COPD sufferer in all her roles which will be interchangeable due to her lack of range since she doesn't deign to take an actual acting class because "she knows she's a great actress no matter what the tabloids say about her life". She will still be stalking Samantha Ronson who will have taken out 152 restraining orders against her.

I can't wait for Matt Lauer to ask her where she sees herself in five years - again. Like five years ago when she said she would be married and have won a couple of Oscars by now.

It's like Groundhog Day with Lohan, except she never betters herself. She continues to learn nothing of the world as she gets older. She is the most boring, unintelligent, crass, untalented, uncaring, stagnant, entitled celebrity of her generation. She's worse than Kim Kardashian (who at least has some business sense and works at her non-career), worse than Spears or Bynes (who actually have serious mental illnesses, Lohan has no excuse), worse than Bieber (she's much older than him and should know better by now) and much worse than Miley Cyrus (who actually works hard for her money regardless of what I think of her talent and artistic choices).

Five years from now, 32 years old and still an entitled, grifting, bratty, loser junkie with a huge record and on probation. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Just wait.

383 days ago


Gloom, despair and agony on me...
Deep dark depression, excessive misery...
If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all
Gloom despair and agony on me!!!

383 days ago


Well done Niners, eh?!!!

383 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

It's a get-drunk-and-make-bad-decisions kind of night.

383 days ago
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