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'Foo Fighters' Taylor Hawkins

Gene Simmons is an Idiot

Cobain and Winehouse are Icons

10/12/2013 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gene Simmons disputing Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse's icon status is nuts ... so says Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, who tells us it doesn't matter how many albums both made.

In case you missed it, Gene told Team Rock Radio this month that Cobain and Winehouse were only considered icons because they died young ... not because of their music.

But Hawkins -- whose been in Foo with Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl for years -- was fired up about the topic ... telling TMZ Gene's opinion is "nonsense."

So we gotta ask ...


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Kurt Cobain is an iconic figure, period. However, mentioning Amy Winehouse in the same sentence is a disgrace. Amy Winehouse was nothing more than a trashy, attention seeking, insecure woman that tried hard to be an "addict". I surmise that she essentially calculated her own death in order to become relevant. Addicts don't do drugs on stage while making it obvious to the crowd. She did this numerous times in an attempt to build her image as an "addict". More than likely she wanted to die because she didn't like who she was as a person, rightfully so....R.I.P. Kurt, good riddance Amy.

346 days ago


Neither one is an "icon". Just because you drank, did drugs and died young because of your addictions doesn't make you one. They both nhad a following, but so do a lot of groups/ppl. but that doesn't make them icons either. Those 2 did nothing special to be thought of as icons IMO.. I'm not a major Kiss fan either.....

346 days ago


He , Kurt was a great musician, lyricist no so much, go back and read them. They make no sense. Doing drugs until you kill yourself does not make you an icon

346 days ago


Icons? Dead junkies.

346 days ago


Gene is a fool. Cobain changed music and made history. This cannot even be debated whether you're a fan or not. His band single-handedly put an end to hair metal music, and broke grunge rock into the mainstream world. And as for the fact that he was only around for 3 years...does that idiot know that Janis Joplin was only around for 3 years as well? Released her 1st record in 67, died in 70. It is not about how LONG you've been around, but how much of an impact you've had on the industry. As for Amy, no she is not an "icon". She was amazingly talented and produced some great music. But in America she literally only had 2 hit songs and that was the end of her. That's not an "icon". She also didn't change music. Her songs were great but her style was nothing that we haven't heard before. She didn't introduce a brand new style of music into the mainstream like Cobain did (I'm aware grunge was around for a long time but only was the mainstream aware of it when he brought it into the commercial world)

346 days ago


I think Kurt Cobain is an icon, but not Amy Winehouse. What is so iconic about her?

346 days ago


Nirvana had way more than two cds to begin with. And to Kurt Cobain isn't an icon essentially disregards the grunge and angst generation of the 90s.

345 days ago

Bert Boye    

they are not icons. icons don't die of crack overdose

345 days ago


The headline says Taylor Hawkins says gene Simmons is an idiot, but the article says he said genes opinion is nonsense. TMZ's yellow journalism at it's best. Lying headline. If they had any morals, they would be honest, but no, they are a bunch of lying liars.

345 days ago


Nirvana Icon YES! Amy not so much. Gene sucks just like kiss how that band is even considered rock and how people even like them is beyond me.

345 days ago

Really not fair to make us vote with a bundled cobain and winehouse.

345 days ago

King Beef    

Kurt Cobain, yes.. Amy Winehouse, no.

345 days ago


i have to agree withfoo.... he is correct. remember David was in nirvana. he thought kirk was an idiot. that's why he left

345 days ago


In the true and broadest sense of the term. All three are icons.

345 days ago


kiss made a era.. winehoe was a drunk. cobain did heroin. they died young and really did nothing for music.

345 days ago
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