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Jermaine Jackson

Conrad Murray's Walking Free

And My Family is PISSED

10/13/2013 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's family is suffering its second crushing blow this month -- Conrad Murray is about to be a free man ... and Jermaine Jackson says it's almost too much for them to handle.

Jermaine downplayed his mother, Katherine Jackson's recent loss to AEG in the wrongful death trial, telling us ... "It's not about the money. This guy is walking this month. He's walking free this month!"

Murray is scheduled to be released from jail on October 28, completing his sentence for the involuntary manslaughter of MJ. Murray actually got 4-years, but that was reduced to 2, due to jail overcrowding.

Watch the clip ... Jermaine unloads on our camera guy about what he views as Murray's way-too-brief time behind bars -- adding his family is still hurting.

Bonus footage: Jermaine's take on his mom being pissed he blew $160,000 on a new Ferrari ... while he's behind on child support. Trust us, Jermaine ... Mama's not happy.



No Avatar


I'm sick of hearing about this greedy family blaming everyone else for their son's 20 year drug addiction. They need to let him rest in peace and stop dragging everything out, including frivolous lawsuits. Murray did his time, so deal with it and get a life, Jacksons.

189 days ago

Professor Blu    

Administering propofol, a drug that is only to be administered in a hospital and then leaving your patient unmonitored to make personal thatz a great physican!!!

189 days ago


UMMM..Jermaine, why are u walking free, buying 90,000 dollar cars, and not paying your child support, for the kids your mother is taking care of????

189 days ago


And besides Conrad may go free...but will he be know those Jackson fans are crazy..LOL

189 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Yeah Jermaine, next they're gonna toss your sorry ass in the slammer for nonpayment of child support. Crime = time. Conrad Murray did his. Maybe now it's your turn?

189 days ago


Jermaine if you and your family were not after money, but the truth you got it. Michael Jackson Father of three was a Broke in Debt Junkie who wanted to die because otherwise he could not take care of his Kids.

189 days ago


I am pissed you get to walk around free. If I knew all the problems you people would cause we would of picked the cotton ourselves.

189 days ago


Good, he never should have went to jail anyway.
Dr. Murray did what Michael wanted him to do.

189 days ago


Why is it about the AEG verdict. If it wasn't about money then he wouldn't be upset about the verdict because the lawsuit was about getting money from AEG.

189 days ago


and who the hell names their kid Jermajesty??? Really?? The Jacksons always though of them selves as royalty...NOT!

189 days ago


Disgusting that anyone convicted of killing another person, whatever the means or cir***stances....serves only TWO years behind bars. Justice was not served.

189 days ago


Jackson was a talented man, but he was a sick o. The Dr. was doing exactly what Jackson wanted.
If not, he would have found someone else.

189 days ago

Just My Opinion    

Don't forget, Jermaine. The good ole doctor has to get down on one knee and be judge by the top judge, so he really isn't home free yet. LOL

189 days ago


thanks to obamacare there will be huge demand for doctors now
so he'll have no problem getting a job

189 days ago


This whole mob has a bad problem with accepting reality.
They can be as angry as they wish.
T hey aren't royalty and are still subject to lawful processes, The sooner they accept the fact that NO ONE is going to support their outrageous living standards.
They are all wasded up now.

189 days ago
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