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Jermaine Jackson

Conrad Murray's Walking Free

And My Family is PISSED

10/13/2013 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's family is suffering its second crushing blow this month -- Conrad Murray is about to be a free man ... and Jermaine Jackson says it's almost too much for them to handle.

Jermaine downplayed his mother, Katherine Jackson's recent loss to AEG in the wrongful death trial, telling us ... "It's not about the money. This guy is walking this month. He's walking free this month!"

Murray is scheduled to be released from jail on October 28, completing his sentence for the involuntary manslaughter of MJ. Murray actually got 4-years, but that was reduced to 2, due to jail overcrowding.

Watch the clip ... Jermaine unloads on our camera guy about what he views as Murray's way-too-brief time behind bars -- adding his family is still hurting.

Bonus footage: Jermaine's take on his mom being pissed he blew $160,000 on a new Ferrari ... while he's behind on child support. Trust us, Jermaine ... Mama's not happy.



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Who CARES what Jermaine thinks, wants or does. He's just pissed that his graveyboat died.

343 days ago



“He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.”
― Socrates

343 days ago


Oh please, Jermain- it was totally about the money. If only your mom had won, you and your siblings would have a happy inheritance. That wrongful death lawsuit had nothing to do with Conrad Murray "walking free". Your greed and your jealousy over your immensely loved and legendary brother is not becoming of you. Saw you and your brothers on The View talking about scheduled performances a yr or 2 ago- you guys just couldn't resist inserting yourselves as the reason Michael was so successful saying it was a group effort...blah blah blah. You can't be gracious and allow him the love and limelight without trying to insert yourself. You're willing to throw anyone under the bus over and over to smokescreen your greed- and desperation for $. If you didn't spend over $100K on things you don't need- maybe you could easily act with a little more dignity and grace?? How about a little less ego, a little discretion and a better- reasonable budget?

343 days ago


Did any of you watch the trial, this man killed Michael. Whether is was a drug addict doesn't mean this man had any right to give him a lethal dose the drug. For him to walk free, even after his attitude he did nothing wrong and blamed Michael for anything, he is a piece of garbage.

343 days ago


Well his brother the PERV was walking free after molesting all those kids, the DR. should be getting an award for taking care of the problem. Anyone else and the DR would be walking free and would have never spent anytime in jail but because it was Michael "The Perv" Jacking the man goes to Jail. This family kills me if they had stepped in when he started doing the drugs and molesting kids then maybe he would still be alive.

343 days ago


Wacko Jacko was a pedophile child molester, he paid off the families but admitted of course I sleep with children. The whole family sickens me. Sorry Jermaine you need to return your 150g car. You LOST and 40 billion come on that was a stupid number to sue for he was BROKE until he died. His child molestation charges made him a no go so even if you won you may have got a million not BILLIONS but sanity won and you got NOTHING

343 days ago


if it is not about the money they you should have sued for a one dollar not 40 billion of course it is about the money

343 days ago


Jermaine, your family is pissed because you just spent a ton of money on a Lamborghini when you can't even pay your child support. What a man you are.

343 days ago


Jermaine, Jermaine, Jermaine: of course it's about the money. It's always been about the money. Your entire clan lived off of Michael while he was alive and you're all trying to make sure the gravy train doesn't stop now that he's dead.

343 days ago


UGH! Jermaine Jackson is a media whore (well so was Michael but at least he had some talent. Weird as F***, Perverted, Completely ill at ease with himself but he had some talent). NO ONE but that pizza dough faced pervert was to blame from his death. Drug addicts CHOOSE to pick up the crap and when their lives end due to drug use the blame i 100% theirs...The Jacksons are the most dysfunctional human beings on earth. Murry was shady to sell the crap to MJ but MJ would've kept on searching until he found someone shady enough to sell it too him. Jermaine Jackson is just a washed up patent leather headed freak trying to cash in on his brother' notoriety.

343 days ago


Good! A pediphile is dead; who cares.

342 days ago

What I Think    

Just think. In less than two weeks Dr. Murray will be forever free while MJ remains forever dead. If I may quote Jackie Gleason..."How sweet it is."

342 days ago

The Neverland Man    

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341 days ago
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