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Lamar Odom's Dad

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Things Out

10/14/2013 12:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


It's the Lamar Odom reconciliation no one expected -- less than a month after publicly ripping his father ... TMZ has learned the two are patching things up in a big way.

Joe Odom and Lamar were spotted walking together in Venice last weekend ...  and sources close to the Odoms tell us they've been hanging out for the last week or so around Marina del Rey, where Joe lives. The pic first posted on

We're told they've been hanging at the beach, eating out together, etc. -- and things are going well. Lamar has even been spending nights at his dad's place.

As we reported, Lamar and his dad had a massive falling out over comments Joe made to the media, blaming the Kardashians for Lamar's crack addiction ... and calling Kris Jenner "an evil bitch." Joe said Lamar cut off his rent soon after that.

It's unclear if Lamar will resume paying his dad's rent -- which he's been doing for years.

FYI, if Lamar doesn't pay by October 23, we're told Joe could be out on his ass.



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TMZ makes a Lamar Odom story out of anything, here:

The guy in the yellow shirt looks like a drug dealer, the guy on the left like a f* crack head n*. You can't see their faces, never mind!
It's Lamar and his dad, who else?

376 days ago


If Lamar is doing crack and his father used (I use this word loosely bcause he still looks crack-ish) to be a crackhead, I don't think spending nights at his dad's house is a good idea. He's probably relapsing every night!

376 days ago


this is sad, he is so thin. you see him he looks emaciated, you see khloe, she is happy and smiling. he is out, not only from NBA but the kards are finished with him also. they will move on to the next man as they always do. and he will suffer with his demons. i had hoped he would get it together, was pulling for him, but it looks like he may lose battle.

376 days ago


Yes ! Your true family .Even if your father has a drug problem & wasn't always there for you growing up.
STOP THE CYCLE Time for you 2 get your butt out 2 NYC & see your children .

376 days ago


Can't imagine anything without my family... parents are the most important people you'll know in your lifetime ...
educate them on what you stand for, inform them on your position... make sure its from your heart and that you are standing on the side of fairness and right..if they are smart they will join you, if they don't, stand firm, love them from a distance but always love them... most times their intentions are based on selfish love... but pure love is not selfish, its unconditional, understanding, respecting and caring....when they do come around, be open to embracing and forgiving them ...
in this life we only have our STANCE, our POINTS and our LEGACY to live by and to be remembered for, we also only have one set of and fame can't buy anyone genuine love or happiness that a family provides... if you can help it mend it, forgive and move on... if his father apologized, they should work through it...
i cant imagine life without my mom and dad and their support....sorry to those who don't have a relationship with their family...

376 days ago


Lamar is looking bad. He's way too thin. Not TMZ-Kardashian bad but just bad. I thought his dad was supposed to be clean and sober for quite some time now, so maybe that's a good thing. His dad was a junkie with Lamar was coming up and wasn't around, but maybe he's trying to see what kind of relationship they can have now. The Kardashians are as toxic as his dad was but just in a different way. I feel bad for the guy. He must feel like a man without a country.

376 days ago


NO one cares!

376 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

I would hope that no matter what is up with Lamar, he will pay his father's rent. The man is worth millions. His father may have made a mistake in speaking to the press, but he is still Lamar's father.

376 days ago

Crazy Cat Lady    

Lamar and his father have issues from way back.

I would think his dad feels some guilt for failing to parent his son, and Lamar is likely still dealing with abandonment and trust issues because of his childhood.

Maybe it would help them both to get into some family counseling, to help them both work through their isses.

As far as his marriage to Khloé, couples'/marriage counseling might be the way to go. I would be sad to see a marriage fail, especially when the parties involved love one another.

The pressure Lamar must have undergone as part of Kris Jenner's family circus would be difficult for anyone to handle. How much more difficult it would be to deal with, especially with pre-existing family and drug issues.

I do not condone the abuse of drugs as a way to deal with life; I can, however, see how someone could be tempted to do just that, especially being under the media microscope 24/7.

Lamar seems to be a nice person (none of us are perfect), but it's clear to see that he needs some sort of professional help to work through his issues.

I wish Lamar success and happiness.

376 days ago


"As long as Lamar keeps sending those check$...we be working things out."

376 days ago


Wouldn't ya know it.....TMZ got all the mileage out of the earth ****tering news of the Kris-Bruce split last week so we're back to Lamar AGAIN this week. So predictable!! When can we move on from the Kartrashian train wreck?

376 days ago


Hey dad, you NEVER live off your children, EVER!

376 days ago


He thought an addiction for one was expensive ! Wait till he's paying for two to stay high !

376 days ago

Yawdie Gyal    

May be his father can help him? After all, he is himself a recovering addict with 12 yrs. sobriety under his belt. Either way, hope it works out for him.

376 days ago


They're working things out, because Lamar's dad can't survive w/out Lamar's financial support. Poor old Joe, either has nagged Lamar to death or laid a guilt trip on him. Poor Lamar, dazed and confused.

376 days ago
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