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Sarah Palin To Gov't

Stop Using Vets As Political Pawns...

Cuz They're My Pawns

10/14/2013 10:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin needs a lesson in irony ... she's slamming government douchebags in DC for using American war heroes as "political pawns" ... while at the same time, using the vets for her own political agenda.

Palin led a big rally in DC yesterday ... protesting the government shutdown that has closed the monuments to visitors ... telling TMZ she thinks the closures are "shameful."

She thinks Congress is using the vets' plight to play on the sympathies of the American public ... which may be true ... but then she showed she's dirty enough to play that game, too.

The former Alaskan governor made a big show of staging her protest at the World War II memorial ... and posing with angry decorated veterans who like her brand of politics.

She also ripped on the Vice Prez.  Ya gotta listen ... it's classic Palin.


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so....I guess the government workers who patrol the veterans memorials should be classified as essential and called back to work. then they can face the ire of all Americans who are mad at government NO PAY. yes, that is totally fair.

345 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

You know you're pretty much swirling the drain when Fox News lets you go. Any port in a storm I guess. What the hell did she do to her face?

345 days ago


No memorials have been closed in past shutdowns. They are open air and require no attendants. It's costing us more to have the armed guards there now and to have BarryCades put up.Obama spite and hatred of veterans is the only reason. The Republicans voted to fund them, hell they have voted to fund everything except delay Obamacare for a year. Dems won't even allow a vote in Senate Inform yourselves.

345 days ago


Lessee...Harvey promotes the fatherless welfare thugs every day but when a woman with values makes the news, he castigates her.

Harvey, do you not understand as a rich white Jew you will be one of the first pulled from your car and savaged by Obama voters?? I can just hear the screams..."B-B-But I voted for Obama! Stop doing that to my friend!!"

345 days ago


Go away! You are crazy! You are no longer relevant in the political arena. You are worthless, even more so since you used the Vets as photo op pawns. My sons have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, you women are a hack and a disgrace. ohyoubetchasotoguysandgalspatriotsofourgreatnation...Oiy! Take a breath...

345 days ago


How 'bout telling Low Info Voter America that these memorials and national park sites were needlessly barricaded? I lived in D.C. during the '95-'96 shutdown and while the museums and stuff were closed, you weren't physically barred from visiting open air sites like the Lincoln Memorial nor were people prohibited from pulling over to look at Mt. Rushmore from a distance. Of course, you won't hear this from TMZ or the rest of the left-wing Obama-loving media.

345 days ago


I hope all of obama worshipping sheep enjoy your obamacare insurance prices with their super high deductibles. You do know you are required to buy insurance now don't you? Also enjoy your jobs being cut to part time because of obamacare.

345 days ago


So if you feel a group is being slighted, just stay silent about it so you don't incur the wrath of TMZ (who exist SOLELY because they exploit celebrities for ad money). Got it.

345 days ago


I'd bang her...don't know why...

345 days ago


Anyone that thinks she is in any way capable of being a quality elected official is even more moronic that she. Sarah Palin is a fcuking dolt. Just google her and read her bio. It took her 7 years and 5 colleges to get a degree in journalism. How fcuking stupid do you have to be to believe she is anything more than a bible thumping dimwit.

345 days ago


So when the Obama worshiping celebrities come out to support Obamacare will you label them fame whores who are only exploiting the poor uninsured?

345 days ago


The liberals fear Ted Cruz and are tying to destroy him just they did Palin. His liberal Harvard law professor called him the greatest legal mind he has ever seen, so I guess the libs can't use the stupid meme. Obama called corpsmen corpsemen twice and said we have 57 states, but he's brilliant. Anything to protect him. Pathetic media

345 days ago


TMZ is pushing propaganda about Sarah Palin,"cause they're our pawns" is obvious. It would better serve Obama being killed soldiers in Syria by neglect.

345 days ago


My dog has more brains than she does...

345 days ago

Umm ok...    

If by "pushing her own political agenda" you mean showing up to draw media coverage and show her support for how the Veterans are feeling...then yes, yes she is. The POTUS himself should have shown up for this!!

345 days ago
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