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Stallone Superfans

We Dropped $445

To Pose With Our Hero

10/14/2013 1:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Would you pay $445 to take a photo with Sly Stallone? These people did.

Sly was one of the attractions at NYC Comic Con this weekend ... where the going rate for a snapshot with the Italian Stallion ran just south of $500. Autographs were $395.

But the price didn't scare off legions of Stallone-aholics, who willingly shelled out the cash for a moment with their hero.

Stallone wasn't the only celeb charging for pics ... a photo with Stan Lee ran $400 bucks ... and people dropped $200 for a shot with Sigourney Weaver.

The moral of the story -- nerds got bank, yo.


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Phishie from Philly    

It looks like a cardboard cut out of the sly'ster.

338 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

25 yrs later I went to the same high school as Stallone, Lincoln High School. Some of the same teachers were there when I went. The teachers said that Stallone was kick out of school in the middle of his 10 grade year. Now I was kicked out in the middle of my 11 grade year.
So technical, I'm smarter than he is!

338 days ago


Like Stallone needs the money.
Maybe he needed pocket change to throw at strippers.

338 days ago


celebrities should NEVER charge for a pic with them or their autographs. Pathetic

338 days ago


If you want to meet your hero THAT bad... why not ? I payed $ 375 for a meet and greet with Alice Cooper and it was worth every cent. It included early access to his concert, VIP merchandise (top quality stuff !), 3 autographs and a series of photos with him. I had already met all my other heroes for free (Kiss, Grace jones, Billy Idol, members of The Doors and many others) so I didn't mind paying once to make my 'wanted-collection' complete. And Rob Zombie; you're next on my list so please do another European tour :-)

338 days ago

neudy CashRoll    

Are you reallt kidding Your Self THey making Moneeeeyy .HEY I should start Charging to Start Taling Pictues Of Me

338 days ago


Why would Stan Lee charge $400 at New York Comic Con and yet he's only charging $100 at Nashville Comic Con this weekend....interesting.

338 days ago

Eddie Cabrera    

I meet Stan Lee for free by winning in a give away by Marvel. You couldn't get a photo,only an autograph. The Stallone meet price was crazy. You couldn't even see him because he was hidden behind tarps. What a great way to show fan appreciation! You think with all the money he has made he would be reasonable with the fans that support him. I wanted to meet him, but nobody is worth paying that much to meet.

338 days ago


Because making 20 million or whatever a movie is not enough, yo have to rape your fans for another $500 for a picture!!! That's just low!!!

It's not like you don't make movies anymore and are broke!!!

338 days ago


It can't be right about Stan Lee- he didn't charge that amount here in Vancouver, B.C when he was here this year. It was $60....00 bucks. The most I've seen was 75.00. His meet and greet was 199.00 Maybe he upped them for New York audiences? The

338 days ago


Your information on Stan Lee is incorrect at the New York Comic Con- It was 60-70 bucks. Please done' lump Stan into the greediness that is Sly!

338 days ago



It would be super-cool to meet Sylvester Stallone and have proof of such meeting to show off to everybody EVER! But there is no way in HELL I would ever pay that kind of money for an autograph or snap shot with Sly. I don't care if I had a billion dollars. That's just ridiculous.

If I ever had a movie star "hero", Stallone would be it, but this just makes me think a LOT less of him. Last I heard, Stallone was already worth $275 MILLION thanks to his fans seeing his movies and having an interest in the things he's involved with. For him to charge anything at all for an autograph or picture is just insane. Now, if it was a benefit for charity, I might think differently, but if he did this to fill his own pockets, he's not much of a hero to me anymore.

338 days ago

Gloria DeSilva    

I had my picture taken with Tom Arnold, and my hero Patrick Swayze--who DID NOT charge for a photo with him and was happy to take a second photo when he thought the first one was not good enough. These are the kind of actors I like

338 days ago


Er, Stan Lee was only $50-60........

338 days ago


oh please, there is NO ONE on this planet that I would pay money for to "pose" with.....such foolishness, much less get a stupid signature from, too.

338 days ago
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