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Blake Shelton

Westboro Baptist Church Can BLOW ME!

10/15/2013 8:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Blake Shelton exercised his oral skills on his way out of a West Hollywood nightclub, urging the Westboro Baptist Church to wrap its head around his.

Blake was clearly tipsy as he left Usher's birthday bash at Bootsy Bellows nightclub ... but he was lucid enough to go after the hateful group that has urged a boycott of his concerts -- repeatedly saying the "Church" could "BLOW ME."

Members of the cretin org have beef with Blake, because he supports gay rights -- tweeting about his recent song, "Ya the boys 'round here think it's ok to be queer."  They're also attacking Blake for having an affair with Miranda Lambert while he was still married.

Good thing to know Blake practices safe sex ... hate is not an STD.

(Harvey wrote that last line ... we don't get it either.)



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the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Westboro isn't a real church, they're a trouble making hate group. And given the sheer amount of attention they draw to themselves, they're media whores.

341 days ago


Glad to see he had a driver. Other than that, everyone has a right to an opinion. I have no idea what that church is or stands for, but the same thing that gives us the right to be okay with gay marriage gives them the right to say they think it isn't. But line, I'm glad Blake doesn't have STDs. ???

341 days ago


Westboro "Church" recently was in our town at a soldiers funeral. Thank GOD the idiots were standing on the wrong corner so the soldier's family did not see them. I purposely drove by and took pictures of them, They are glad a soldier is killed because the military allows gays. RIDICULOUS! They were playing Ozzy Osbourne songs for some reason and putting their own words to them.

From what I gather, they are not a CHURCH. They call themselves a church for tax benefits. It is one family that is this church..and one of the sons went to law school so he knows the ins/ outs of what they can and cannot do.

Team Shelton on this one!!!

341 days ago


He cheats on his wife's

341 days ago


Now that ``Man IS hot `hot `hot!!!
and no drinking and driving kids!!
Very good example! yo

341 days ago


Westboro is an abomination… they are NOT Baptists, they are not Christian, they are a hate group plain and simple. God will judge Westboro for their sins.

341 days ago


I actually think the Westboro people are doing gays a huge favor. They are the most hated group EVER! So, naturally, people are going to be spitefully in FAVOR of whatever it is they are preaching against. In this case, GAYS.

So keep up the good work, Westboro Baptist Church. Your work is bringing the world closer and closer together.

341 days ago


God hates sin, not (the sinner).

341 days ago


F Blake Shelton! I thought he had better sense than to support gay marriage! He's become a liberal punk!

341 days ago

oh geesh    

Its boys round here drinking that ice cold beer. Lmao@boys round here think its okay to be queer.

340 days ago

liquid kitty    

Less Fred Phelps more cowbell.

340 days ago

Los Pepes    

This A-hole is just as sick as they are

340 days ago


lol country music has gone hollywood.folks like waylong jennings would be rolling in their graves.

340 days ago


Awesome! Glad he isn't afraid to speak his mind. That supposed "church" needs to be shut down. It does nothing but spread ignorance and hate- it should be considered a domestic terrorist cell and be dealt with accordingly.

340 days ago


I'm sure many of those crazy church hypocrites secretly dream of blowing him ...

340 days ago
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