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Lamar Odom

Eating Armenian, But Still

Rail Thin

10/16/2013 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom ate out last night -- Armenian, of course -- but emerged from the restaurant looking scarily thin ... especially for a guy trying to make an NBA comeback after a months-long drug binge.

Lamar and some friends hit up Gavar Cuisine in Glendale, CA -- and he walked out sporting his customary Nike warmup, white tee, and interestingly ... a rosary.

LO thinks he can kick his drug habit without rehab AND return to game-shape for the upcoming NBA season, so ... if anyone could use religion it's him.

But judging by his gaunt frame ... what he really needs is a couple of double-cheeseburgers.


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Stop hounding this guy already!! Are the K's paying you that much or giving you that much access to their slime ball lifestyles that warrant destroying someone's life.

375 days ago


His shoes and the handicap sign behind him look "rail thin" too. There is no doubt that he's lost weight, but it is very unethical for TMZ to alter the photo this way.

Right click on the photo and copy it. Paste it into a Word do***ent and you can stretch it out to see what the original looked like.

I've very disappointed in you TMZ. You are going to have to send Shevonne over to my house with some beer (after she's been out shopping for Christian Louboutin shoes) to make up for this one.

375 days ago


No...what he really needs is TMZ to stop with the character assassination. He's probably stressed with all the paid negative stories TMZ puts on their site that Kris is paying for.

375 days ago


I'm still not convinced this story is real. Maybe it is, but EVERYTHING the Kardashians do seems to be for show ratings (fake marriage, baby, split between Bruce and Kris) so why not this too?

375 days ago


you got to be kidding me, wheres the original photo before it was stretched...

375 days ago


You people (posters) obviously don't recognize a photo shot with a wide angle lens. If all the stories on Lamars crack use were false, he would be suing the pants off TMZ. Personally, I don't care one way or the other. Seems too many of the sports guys and celebrities are just plain trailer trash anymore. Lamar and the entire Kardashian clan included. Just my $ .02

375 days ago


DAily mail has these same pics, in their pics he looks even better.hmmm,
Stay strong LO

374 days ago


His face didn't look this skinny in the barbershop photo. I know we only got a side view of his face in the pic but he looked normalfrom what I could tell.

374 days ago


Lamar Odom
Eating Armenian, But Still
Rail Thin..................CRACK LOVER

374 days ago


is cool that lamar is back to nba and he has to gain wait men

374 days ago

King Beef    

I'm so sick of the Lamar Odom is a crackhead crap. The whole story is a load of crap fabricated by the Kardashians and TMZ is obviously in on it too. Of course people look rail thin when you stretch the hell out of their photographs.

374 days ago


His coy, pretentious,ostentatious wife,displaying a photo of her sister's baby's HAND. They act beyond stupid and immature.

374 days ago


I have a BS in Photography and I have no doubt that TMZ has altered this photo. What they do is stretch the photo out vertically, thereby elongating the individual in the photo, making him appear thinner. Magazines do it all the time when they want an image to appear thinner or wider, etc. It is especially prevalent in what's called 'skin shots'-when women in adult magazines want their butts to appear bigger, but their upper frame to remain thin, they do this by widening or stretching the photo to give a certain elusion and that's exactly what it appears TMZ has done with this photo of Lamar Odom.

374 days ago


I think there is some Camera Trickery going on here. Because his Barber that cut his hair took a pic of both of them and put it on instagram and his face was nice and full!!! Not gaunt and frail!!!

374 days ago


Dudes d*mn near 7 ft tall and you shoot him from under his bawl sak, then call him thin? Nice photos. Lamars issues are kartrashian based. Dont believe the hype

374 days ago
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