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Wife Files for Divorce,

What's Yours is Mine!

10/16/2013 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1016-timbaland-monique-gettyTimbaland's wife has filed for divorce ... TMZ has learned ... and she's not only demanding that he foot the bill for their kid, she wants him to pay for a kid he didn't even father.

Monique Mosley says in her divorce docs -- obtained by TMZ -- that although she and Timbaland have been married for 5 years, they've been a couple for twice that time.  In addition to their 5-year-old daughter, Monique has a 10-year-old from another relationship.

So why, you ask, is she asking for child support for both kids?  Monique says Timbaland is the daddy by default, since he's "publicly and privately proclaimed this child as his own."

But that's not all.  Monique wants alimony, life insurance, private school, vacations, summer camp and other expenses.  She says she's so strapped for cash, she had to borrow money from a friend to pay her lawyer.  She wants Timbaland -- who's worth around $80 mil -- to foot the lawyer's bill.

One more thing.  She wants to get Timbaland coming and going.  In the alimony department, she says she wants money while divorce proceedings are pending, she wants a lump sum, she wants "rehabilitative alimony," and permanent alimony.

It's like she's trying to cut him down like a mighty tree in the forest -- TIMBA!



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Okay, stop feeling so sorry for these men. They GAMBLE with being married to these woman. Majority of these guys cheat anyway (not all) but 90% of them. Ha! I mean any man in the entertainment business practcicly does because there is always (thirsty begging woman). On the otherside, they know that when they say I do, 5 or 10 years (if they make it to 10, lol kobe did) that they will have to pay up in the end. There not stupid but really they are for not looking out for themselves. However, the good in me (if I we're a man) would be to pay child support and pay for my step son as well, I mean he was taking care of them before so would that hurt you. How and why would you take a child from out of that lifestyle and put them in a lower lifestyle than what you as a man provided before. He's not broke...but I do agree that these woman should invest into there careers while they are marries to these famous celebrities and make something and hold your own. Thats why I admire people like LaLa Anthony. She made something of herself and although im not a big fan of he, she has her own.

308 days ago


This woman wants to never lift a finger again huh. She has some nerve trying to get child support for a kid thats not biologically his. I wouldnt mind paying for the other kid if she wasnt asking for so much for every little thing she can think of! Vacations? why not throw handbags and hair appointments on the list!

308 days ago


Like the late great blues singer Johnnie Taylor says.. Its Cheaper to Keep Her.

308 days ago


Like Johnnie Taylor says, It's Cheaper to Keep Her.

308 days ago


But, the kid is not my son!

Could of should of had a prenatal agreement.

308 days ago


Give him the kids and let her get a job.

308 days ago


Give him the kids and let her get a job.

308 days ago


Let's just say he wanted to sue for custody of his daughter. Would he also he able to sue for custody of the boy also? If his soon to be ex wants him to pay for her son and have both children treated the same, he should have all parental rights including custody and visitation.

308 days ago


GET A JOB !! All she says I want, I want. GET A JOB !

308 days ago


Hoopa Hoppa Hippa .......... dis beez whiteys fallt tu'ba .... sheeeeeet ..... fo reel doe

308 days ago


Male View
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DeleteFlag as inappropriate ATTN MEN: LET THIS BE A LESSON....there is NO REASON to buy the cow when u can get the milk for free...believe me, bitches these days are too fast to let a man hit it, without condoms and commitment, and assume that once the dick meets *****, a new relationship is formed. Despite the fact that the ***** has been stretched and came in by 30 dudes, she'll latch on YOU as soon as you decide to eat breakfast with the slut in the morning. Pound that skank and RUN. NEVER settle down with HO, especially the ones with bastard kids.

I can guarantee that the whole while they were together, Timba paid the bills while Monique cherished staying her lazy ass at home, sleeping, shopping and socializing all day while spending his money. Another worthless bitch with no education or work skills. He supported her, a kid that wasn't his, and their own. GUARANTEED this bitch is NOT collecting child support from her first baby daddy...why would she? He's likely a broke, no job or car having worthless *******, still living with Mama. Typical baby daddy bull****. Timba's stupid ass mistake was wifing a slut bitch that already had a kid...NEVER wife a single mom, especially one that has baby daddy drama, the courts WILL "default" u as the father. Just to show how greedy this skank is, she is asking for support for ALL KIDS, because Timba showed love and affection for a kid NOT EVEN his! What an ungrateful bitch! Why shouldn't the no cooth having, golddigging bitch be entitled to ALIMONY, CHILD SUPPORT, VACATION PAY, ect???? ****ing HO knew where the money was at when she ****ed TIMBA on the first date! She would NEVER get from the first baby daddy!!!

Before assuming that dumb ass Timba cheated, keep in mind that whild he was away, this HO had PLANTY of time to herself to play the field too! Timba should have gotten a Paternity test on their child, just to be sure. I am sure she did NOT have the kids 24/7 and had plenty a girls nights out, drinking, getting high, sucking **** and taking *** in the ass while her man was out of town working. Women cheat, its in their genetics, always bored, looking for a better looking, better hung man. Natural born leeches looking for a man to feast on. Monique is a true example of a "can't do for herself" BITCH...getting conveniently knocked up by Timbaland to keep from having to work a real job, pay her own bills, and buy her own ****. It always amazed me how the biggest HO's around can suck and **** all types of dudes, but forget the birth control and "oops"...get pregnant when the man with money, house and car comes along. ****ing sluts.

Good luck Timba, the laywers your bitch wife retains are gonna find every loophole in the law to bleed your fortune...thats what they do, they want their cut of the pie too! Next time, **** the HO's but kick them to an arms distance, keep the ring, money and posessions you have worked so hard for. This worthless bitch who deserves nothing stands to get everything because of a piece of paper. **** aint worth it.
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308 days ago

kendra bethune    

what's good camera man i see you bothered joe jonas followed him to his car this is kendra joy bethune i used to be a tmz loyal follower what's new i thought u would'nt have nothing to say when some one ask back i had a papparrzi come on the street trying to get a picture of my house i told people specials 2 years ago

308 days ago

LA Woman    

Another b*tch who thinks just because she has a vagina she deserves money. GO GET A JOB, B*TCH!

308 days ago

do'n't worry about it.    


i knew someone who was in their wedding. damn shame.
bet that cost less than this mess here.

308 days ago


I ain't sayin she a gold digga but...oh wait maybe she is.

308 days ago
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