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Kylie and Kendall

Underage Kardashians Hit

Sex-Themed 21-And-Over Nightclub -- ILLEGALLY

10/16/2013 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

11:12 AM PT --
TMZ spoke to a manager of the club who insists the bouncers checked IDs at the door … and both girls presented IDs showing them to be 21+.

He tells us … they do NOT know the Jenner girls and did not recognize them as being part of the Kardashian clan.

He also says … club management is very aware that underage celebrities try to drink illegally …  so they’re very particular about checking IDs … especially when photographers are outside shooting everyone who goes in.

We’ve contacted the Jenners’ rep …  and haven’t heard back.

16-year-old Kylie Jenner and 17-year-old Kendall Jenner went out on the town last night ... partying at Vignette lounge in West Hollywood -- a 21-and-over club, and it appears the club and the girls broke the law.

The club features Wax Rabbit every Tuesday night, featuring what the club calls "a new, voyeuristic, hip hop and nudity nightclub experience." 

So the burning question -- how did Kylie and Kendall legally get in the club.  We did some digging, and found the ONLY exception to the 21 and over law is if the underage person is employed as a musician, but the musician must be 18 minimum.   Neither girl is 18. 

An official for the Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control tells TMZ ... both the girls and the club appear to have broken the law and could have been cited had they been caught in the act.  The official tells TMZ his Dept. may launch an investigation.

And it gets worse ... Even if the girls were 18 and there as musicians, they wouldn't be allowed in if there was any nudity, and the club often features topless dancers on Wax Rabbit night.


BTW ... on their way out, the girls were shielded by blankets.

At the end of the night, Kylie and Kendall looked ... tired.



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Kardashian HAG Haters......
Wanna get back at em a bit??
2 Club owners contacted W.H. Sheriffs today WITH this TMZ piece.

If they get enough people Calling, Writing or going down there to complain, then they might launch an investigation into the Club but ALSO, the PARENTS of these 2 UNDERAGE, Future Kris Jenner WHORE'S to PIMP.

282 days ago


nothing is going to happen to either the club, the girls, or their parents. These are "celebrities" and in California they can obviously do what they want. Question: Why didn't the parents know these young girls were out late? My parents ALWAYS knew where I was and when I would be home. One time - I came home late to see a note taped to the door that said "you are grounded" I'm sure my dad was waiting for the clock to turn to tape that note there... Did the parents even KNOW their young children were out at night?

282 days ago


Child Protective Service....... ANYONE??

282 days ago


TMZ does not want to post any photos/stories of the older girls.These silly teeny boppers are of no interest. SCOTT continues to regress.

282 days ago


Tramps just like their mother. They should be In one of Joe something's "Girls Gone Wild"videos. They snuck in with fake ID' how's that for news?Bruce better start reigning in his daughters..they are bad news.

282 days ago


Why does this look like LiLo a few years ago?

282 days ago


Come On, How stupid do club owners and bouncers have to be? When Pap's are taking pictures I'm sure they were calling out the girls names. Get a clue. They should have been stopped at the door.Club has some serious issues and the girls should be cited and parents notified. Prob had fake ID's also. Another celebrity pass.

282 days ago


They aren't tired, they are hammered..

282 days ago


These children will be lucky if they don't end up dead! No parental guidance what so ever, not one parent gives a dam!!!

282 days ago

Choose Laughter    

Betcha Uncle Scott hooked 'em up!

282 days ago


They may be underaged, but I'm sure they've both tasted the Big Mandingo like their older sisters.

282 days ago

Isaac Newton    

I would love to bang both of them

282 days ago

david 183    

Pimping out her daughters again. Where is Child Protection? Somebody should be in trouble for this. Scott, Mom or the Club. Somebody .

282 days ago

david 183    

Messed up to say but he must be banging one of them if not both.

282 days ago


Bull **it! These children don't look tired they look drunk/high. This is proof positive Krazy Kris is an unfit Mom. She was probably out twerking her doggone self. If Scott accompanied these uh, girls to this club, he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

282 days ago
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