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Judge Judy Lawsuit

I've Been Jacked on the Internet!

10/17/2013 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The people who bring you "Judge Judy' have just filed a lawsuit, claiming evildoers have been posting episodes of her show on YouTube ... and now she wants a non-TV judge to lay down the law.

Judy has the most popular show in daytime ... it's been that way for 3 years, since Oprah said bye bye.  Here's how big -- 9 million daily viewers.

The company that produces the show -- Big Ticket Television -- gets an enormous amount of money for the show, so the idea that someone is stealing it and not paying a dime has them royally pissed off.

As for the culprit -- his name is Ignacio De Los Angeles.  Ignacio dared to post an episode from 2006 on YouTube.  Big Ticket told him to take it down, but Ignacio ignored. 

Big Ticket wants the judge to use a can of whoopass on Ignacio, Judge Judy style.



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Justsay Nohan    

It's not as if there are any plans to release the show on DVD. It would really be tough for BTP to prove any damages as the owner of the program. They're not suffering any losses.

339 days ago


Love me some Judge Judy!

339 days ago


Judge Judy makes me wet.

339 days ago


And who are these 9 million people without jobs that have time to watch this crap?

339 days ago


too bad judy herself could not hear this case for she would rip this thief a new one.

339 days ago


She has got to be kidding.

The fact that people WANT to watch the show only helps her.

Now am convinced the Lady is a total idiot.

SHE should post her shows online, then run the ads she controls and then the people that WANT to watch will be able to anytime, on her portal, her sponsors.

While the argument isn't identical, it is parallel and this worked so well for Metallica, one can only wonder what Judy Screwbee Doo is thinking.

She's already the #1 paid syndicated show, what else is there to get? She makes more than anyone one else in her field or many others.

This is an over reach she will likely regret.

339 days ago


She has every right but it would be a pity not to find JJ on Youtube.

339 days ago


Judge Judy for president!!!

339 days ago

Sean Kelly    

You can put on robes bitch but that doesn't make you a judge. You are not in a courtroom... you are an actress playing a role on a TV sound stage. You are a mediator and both parties agree to abide by your decision. That doesn't make you a judge.. that just makes you a narrow-minded, racist, sexist, opinionated on everything when you know very little, old Jewish broad. You are smug, intolerant, proud to be uneducated in popular culture, and willing to offer conjecture when you needed facts. I look forward to the day that either they yank you off the air or you die... doesn't matter to me which one comes first. In the meantime, stop CLAIMING TO BE A JUDGE, stop CLAIMING THAT YOU WORK WITHIN SOME JURISDICTION, stop pretending to be more than a lawyer acting in the entertainment industry... you are the same thing as Harvey.

339 days ago


Don't mess with judge Judy !

339 days ago


I love watching this show on youtube especially the ebay scammer one. Judy you are rich beyond your wildest dreams what more do you want? Let the rest of us enjoy the show that we missed.

339 days ago


I am or should say WAS as of this moment a HUGE Judge Judy fan. Has the posting of an episode(s) hurt them financially in any way? Hurt the viewership in any way?! I'm all for capitalism, but this is Capitalism at it's WORSE! I hope they LOSE!

339 days ago


there has always been something about this arogant woman that really bothers me, and am sure bothers others. she must have photos of a producer or kept their kids out of jail to even have a show.....she has no talent......made millions off of not having talent.....basically nothing better than a 2 bit hussie

339 days ago


She's just a loud big mouth.....

339 days ago


Judge J has more money than God and should be ashamed of herself for going after a u-Tube video. She continually claims ignorance of the whole digital world so what is she doing complaining because someone is posting her rants on a website?

339 days ago
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