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Judge Judy Lawsuit

I've Been Jacked on the Internet!

10/17/2013 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The people who bring you "Judge Judy' have just filed a lawsuit, claiming evildoers have been posting episodes of her show on YouTube ... and now she wants a non-TV judge to lay down the law.

Judy has the most popular show in daytime ... it's been that way for 3 years, since Oprah said bye bye.  Here's how big -- 9 million daily viewers.

The company that produces the show -- Big Ticket Television -- gets an enormous amount of money for the show, so the idea that someone is stealing it and not paying a dime has them royally pissed off.

As for the culprit -- his name is Ignacio De Los Angeles.  Ignacio dared to post an episode from 2006 on YouTube.  Big Ticket told him to take it down, but Ignacio ignored. 

Big Ticket wants the judge to use a can of whoopass on Ignacio, Judge Judy style.



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It's free publicity. JJ is just another greedy ****.

373 days ago


J.J just another reality show. pretty boring

373 days ago


She may know the law, but she is nothing but a big bully. She is very rude and ignorant. She needs to come to view the way things are in this day and age. Just because it is something she will not do doe not mean others do not do something. she will not give in thinking she is ever wrong. They would have to kick me off her show if I was ever stupid enough to accept going there in the first place which would never happen. I would tell her exactly how I feel about her and her ways of thinking. She sucks. I stopped watching her because of her ignorance towards others.

373 days ago


So funny to read all of these negative comments. I never miss JJ -- but I will admit she can be very caustic at times. You might not like her and are calling her every name in the book -- but look how popular her show is (and has been ever since her show aired)..

373 days ago


I CANNOT believe that 9 million people watch this WITCH! I think she's mean, demeaning and obnoxious! Not even her neighbors in CT could stand her and were THRILLED when she moved! Just like that other witch Martha Stewart! Her CT neighbors were thrilled when she moved also!

373 days ago


Judge Judy is a hardnose judge. She must control everything and everyone.
Once in awhile, she lets a very bad person have it and I am glad.
But most of the time, she is just plain rude.

373 days ago


Can't believe the fact that this old, angry, dry, barking woman is that poular. She is so lifted, she's unable to smile forever, and looks like the only thing she might like is $$$$

373 days ago


She's fighting a war she knows nothing about and can't win.

373 days ago


WTF is the difference whether it's posted on the Internet as long as he's not making a profit off the postings?

373 days ago


I gave up watching her program years ago because she is the epitome of a big bully, who is on TV for laughs, her show is a comedy.

I would never lower myself to be on her show.

Sje is watched because people hate her, but she makes money at insulting other people.

373 days ago

Dennis Mullins    

I have seen some of IgnacioDeLosAngeles' videos. they aren't even the good episodes

373 days ago


I have three friends who are judges in NY......... and when I watch this Judy chick, I truly think she is a snot-ass. OK, I get it - not supposed to take BS from anyone and there are many liars out there (unfortunately).. but I have seen her make some big mistakes NOT siding with the people who were NOT the ones doing the wrong thing......... Sorry Judy, you were wrong many times !....... And the funny thing is - her grandkids think she is sooooooooooo nice.. hahahaha!

373 days ago


totally legit claim. simple violation of publishing and copyrights.

produce your own damn shows, you lazy pukes.


373 days ago


It is extremely difficult to comprehend folk actually watching this EXTREMELY rude and obnoxious person....had no idea this show was still airing.

373 days ago


I love Judge Judy, especially when she balls out those stupid idiot guys always trying to rip off some woman. (God, how do they get mixed up with such abject morons?) I wish, however, that she'd learn to pronounce the word "mischievous". It is "MIS chiv us"! Accent on the first syllable. Judge Judy, please don't embarrass yourself. There is no second "i" in "mischievous." And there is no such word as "mis CHEEV ee us"!

373 days ago
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