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Judge Judy Lawsuit

I've Been Jacked on the Internet!

10/17/2013 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The people who bring you "Judge Judy' have just filed a lawsuit, claiming evildoers have been posting episodes of her show on YouTube ... and now she wants a non-TV judge to lay down the law.

Judy has the most popular show in daytime ... it's been that way for 3 years, since Oprah said bye bye.  Here's how big -- 9 million daily viewers.

The company that produces the show -- Big Ticket Television -- gets an enormous amount of money for the show, so the idea that someone is stealing it and not paying a dime has them royally pissed off.

As for the culprit -- his name is Ignacio De Los Angeles.  Ignacio dared to post an episode from 2006 on YouTube.  Big Ticket told him to take it down, but Ignacio ignored. 

Big Ticket wants the judge to use a can of whoopass on Ignacio, Judge Judy style.



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She needs to get the hammer out of her ass.

373 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

this woman and that show is a disgrace to TV and the people. If you watch her show. Your a jacka$$ and a fool. That's the garbage on tv you people watch instead of getting a fcuking job. Get off you couch. Turn the ever lasting tv off. put down the remote and your mountain dew and go get a fcuking job.

373 days ago


So you could say Big Ticket is 'royalty' pissed off :)

But relax Big Ticket, you still make a bazillion $s on this and sometimes people work and can't sit at home like the other 9 million slackers and we need to check things out online

373 days ago


I had no idea she was still on the air, I quit watching when Harvey left <3

373 days ago


Wow, I can't believe she's still on TV!

373 days ago


Screw all you haters.
I would orally pleasure Judy, ALL night long.

373 days ago

Los Pepes    

Shes nothing more than a common bully and needs a good swift kick in the ass

373 days ago


Funny all the haters on this post today. I was just thinking, of all the shows on the telly over the years, this is one alomst everyone either watches or has watched as a regular viewer at some point. Really popular show.

373 days ago


Another show that allows useless, pathetic people a chance to laugh at people even more useless and pathetic than they are.

Welcome to the new America.

373 days ago


America is at an all-time low. When people can't respect the copyright of someone's art it's a sign we've gone to the dogs. You cannot mess with other people's music, tv programs, films and books.

373 days ago


I doubt too many people are clamoring for JJ on the u-tubes. She's harmless, it's mostly you tweens that dont like her.

373 days ago


They've been doing this for years! Now she wants to sue? You can find almost every episode on youtube nowadays.

373 days ago

Scott Levy    

I honestly can't believe Judge Judy is still on the air. I haven't watched it since 1998. Who still watches that boring garbage?

373 days ago


They're NOW just finding this out? Judge Judy full episodes and clips have been on YouTube for a number of years now. I guess no one from Big Ticket ever went to YouTube and typed in Judge Judy. It's not just her show but other judge shows too, for years with their episodes.

373 days ago

Justsay Nohan    

It's not as if there are any plans to release the show on DVD. It would really be tough for BTP to prove any damages as the owner of the program. They're not suffering any losses.

373 days ago
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