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I Really Don't Give a Crap About Britney

10/17/2013 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He has two sons with her, but beyond that ... Kevin Federline couldn't give two craps about Britney Spears. Seriously.

Federline was out in L.A. yesterday when we asked him a bunch of questions about his famous baby mama -- her new music video, her Vegas show -- but K-Fed made it very clear ... he's moved on with his life ... and Britney's not a part of it.

FYI, it's been 7 years since they split ... so it kinda makes sense.


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confidentiality agreement Big Time

338 days ago


He may not give 2 craps about her but he still takes lots of money from her....He has and will always be a freeloader!!!!!!

338 days ago

The truthbetold    

Not once did I see Kevin say or imply anything about not "giving a crap" about the mother of his children. TMZ have you ever thought that the reason he is so closed lipped about his business is because gossip websites like this twist and turn stories around for the people to look at them differently? If I were Kevin I wouldn't tell yall a damn thing about my personal business either! Look at the nasty comments that has been written so far off of this!!

338 days ago


If he doesn't care about her, then he should stop taking her money and living for free off of her. He's never worked a day since he met her and his fat lazy a** won't every lift a finger. Granted he fathered 2 kids by her, but what loser of a man is satisfied spoinging off his ex wife? He is just taking advantage of her meltdown and holding custody over her to get money to support his new the real question is who gives a flying F about "K Freeloader.!"

338 days ago


Don't give a crap about Britney but you DO give a crap about that money rolling in your bank account huh?

338 days ago


What at POS.......why don't you get a job, you fat lazy whore

338 days ago


Britney Spears pays for Kevin's life, living expenses, his new wife, his children by his first relationship, their children, and now his new baby. She's supporting Kevin and his Hollywood lifestyle, and his five children. He certainly is a dumb cluck to insult the hand that feeds him. He's a fool. Didn't we know that already? He has never worked since they split, and his new wife doesn't work, either.

338 days ago


I remember reading that before he met Britney, he lived with several guys in an apartment. They all basically had to support him, as he was too lazy to get up and do much of anything.

338 days ago


Federline is a shameless leech, but I can't blame him for not giving a flying f%ck about what's going on with her. He's no saint by a long shot, but neither is she. There will always be bad blood there which is unfortunate considering they share two sweet boys together.

338 days ago


He has never cared about her, all he cared about was her money. He played a big part in her meltdown. What is he going to do when she no longer has to pay him? Him and his wife will be in a crappy apartment on welfare because both are to lazy to get jobs.

338 days ago


Fat retarded white trash leech.

338 days ago


whos money does he live on?

338 days ago


Who put money into his bank account every month? britney

338 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

lmao. just that she frukin paid for that fancy car you are driving around in that very expensive town to live in, in that very pricey mansion you probably live in, with the very skilled staff you make use of, because she danced and sang and performed her asz off all over the world. i guess love is a real strong force that just overcomes the bitches when and for someone they least expected it. what did you do for her, besides stick your hard dlck in her and come?... i wonder...

338 days ago


Yep he doesn't give a crap unless the support money stops coming. than I bet you bottom to dollar he'd be at the courthouse screaming.

338 days ago
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