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Kim Kardashian


... It's Big & It's Back

10/17/2013 6:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking Butt

1017-kim-kardashian-instagramKim Kardashian's gargantuan ass is back in working order ... and last night, she let the world know ... with a backside selfie on Instagram

It's the first butt-selfie Kim's taken since giving birth to Kanye West's baby North back in June.

Kim's been on a serious sexuality kick lately -- on the most recent episode of her reality show, she talked about wanting to pose NAKED asap ... saying, "As soon as I get in shape, the first thing I want to do is Playboy or some nude shoot. I just wanna walk down the street fully naked."

Looks ready to us.



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terry j vey    

all i have to say is she looks better as a blonde

348 days ago

Just My Opinion    

With all her floating devises, there is no way that woman would ever drown.

348 days ago


More crack = more sweaty sh*t smeared stank! How REPULSIVE to take a selfie of your own shi*ter and post it for the world to see, as if anyone wants to see that. Her behavior is extremely disgusting imo. What descent woman takes a slutty selfie a few months after giving birth and shares it with the world? Most new mothers would be showing a ton of pics of their new babies. Instead, she puts herSELF out there. It's clear where her focus is and is not. Not to mention how AWFUL it was for her to leave her newborn behind while she went to to another country with her main priority. I have NEVER known or even heard of any mothers who willingly parted with their newborn babies. Every hard-working mother I've known who had to work and were forced to leave their newborns in childcare were absolutely devastated to have to do so. And then you've got this whatchamacallit who has a ridiculous amount of money who willingly left that poor innocent little newborn baby girl without either one of her parents!!! WTF could possibly be more important than the baby? WTH was so important that both parents needed to leave their newborn infant in another COUNTRY? This pic makes me so sick, and I literally gagged when I saw it. Hey Kim, your behavior is beyond gross.....GO AWAY!!! Is this how you honor the birth of your only focusing on yourSELF??? A descent loving honorable mother's thoughts would be strictly on her infant and most definitely not herSELF! That baby girl already has to grow up and find out her mother became famous for getting banged and pis*ed on for the whole world to see. She could have at least been able to one day tell her child that she had made mistakes, but she had changed her ways and chose to live a better life once she became a mother. But noooooo. That poor innocent child will find out that her Mom was what she always has been and that her birth changed not the ways of Mommy Dearest. She'll see that she was not top priority. That defenseless child will be tainted, teased and bullied as a result of her parents' actions and awful choices. What kind of example have they set for their child? Can you even fathom doing a Google search on your own mother only to see that she did so many repulsive horrific acts and intentionally shared them with the entire world? Regardless of religious choices, there is no religion other than Satanism that would condone such heinous acts. She'll also grow up and find out exactly where she ranked on the priority list. I mean, it's almost like they simply got a new dog. Newborn babies NEED to be with their parents, period. It's the most important time for bonding. Just when I think this grown adult woman has possibly started to finally turn her life around for the better, she does something else that is viewed as super slutty and completely disgraceful by the masses. Most of us have done stupid things that we regret once we age and mature, and especially once we have our first child. To continue on putting her naked body parts on the Internet and intentionally sharing it with the world is an absolute total disgrace!!! What is the purpose of doing this? Is it so she can have men drooling over her shi*ter? What descent man would happily allow (and probably encourage) the woman he supposedly loves and mother of his child to do this? What is she trying to accomplish? Does she do it in order to gain fame and money? Is this a case of there's no such thing as bad publicity? And is gaining more so-called "fame", negative publicity and cash outweigh how this will one day affect her own child? Good reputations are priceless, and she will never be able to buy a good reputation! And what an awful disgrace to her deceased father!!! They have all disgraced Robert Kardashian's name and theirselves beyond repair. I hope selling your souls to the devil was worth all the cash!!! None of those people will ever get a place on the Walk of Fame....that's for sure!!!

348 days ago


If her butt is real like she and others would have you to believe, why does it look so hard and disproportionate from the rest of her body.

348 days ago


Who wants to she this huge ass??? Well her husband knows that in 10 years from now on, his wife got an huge ass. This woman is in my eyes a whore. What are her qualities? She can't sing, act or preform. Just a golddigger who is in love with here self.

348 days ago


What a ****ter on that critter!

348 days ago


I have not thought that being vapid and a self-absorbed, self centered individual could consider themselves to be a proper role model. I guess "Dignity" doesn't apply to Kim Kardashian.

348 days ago


She's prolly got **** streaks going down that runway of an ass crack. She's prolly gotta seperate her ass cheeks just to take a dump or it will just get stuck in her nasty crack

348 days ago


oh yammy! this is the same Kim as we have seen in ))) at last she come back! this new hair colour is really great with her bathing suit! as i have seen on her page more than 630 000 like her picture ) the biggest celebrity medias have writen about it , just look ))) oh Kim knows how to be popular in any way !

348 days ago


Puuulleeeeese. Before, she could balance a beer can on the upper ridge of her ass while she stood up. Now she's got a ledge on the sides to match the back ridge. Not calling her fat but she's far from her pre-baby weight/shape so all the slurpers can back it up about how great she looks.

348 days ago


Really do NOT understand the whole media sensation with the fame whore family AT ALL

348 days ago


That's how she became a star it wasn't for her brains

348 days ago


Her hash tag was NO FILTER!!! Lol umm yeah just fat injections and breast implants. Not too mention I see a pooch.

348 days ago

Pippa Longy    


348 days ago


I don't know what makes her think that picture is sexy! She looks nasty, fat and cellulite! Nasty as hell. U keep Thinking u look good. Ummmm no! Ugly just like ur man! And he looks like he needs a good bath! Filthy!

348 days ago
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