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Kim Kardashian


... It's Big & It's Back

10/17/2013 6:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking Butt

1017-kim-kardashian-instagramKim Kardashian's gargantuan ass is back in working order ... and last night, she let the world know ... with a backside selfie on Instagram

It's the first butt-selfie Kim's taken since giving birth to Kanye West's baby North back in June.

Kim's been on a serious sexuality kick lately -- on the most recent episode of her reality show, she talked about wanting to pose NAKED asap ... saying, "As soon as I get in shape, the first thing I want to do is Playboy or some nude shoot. I just wanna walk down the street fully naked."

Looks ready to us.



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miss e    

Once a porn star always a PORN STAR

373 days ago


LOL its hilarious how people try to alienate kim and make it seem like she is the only one doing this. People name Giselle and Adrianna and say 'hurr durr dey dunt do photos lyke dis". YES THEY DO. Go to google and type in "Giselle Ass shots" or "X ass shots" and there will be LOADS of them. Stop trying to make it seem like Kim is so evil. Like I said in a earlier post, im not a fan of the Kardashians but when people try to make it seem like they are the only ones doing stuff that people have been doing FOREVER before the kardashians became popular is straight stupid.

373 days ago


For goodness sakes !! What will it take to make her understand pictures like that are not attractive ?

373 days ago


Yuck! Just threw up in my mouth.

373 days ago


Fat NOT Fit.
Another fake wannabe....

373 days ago


Wow, that thing got HUGE. It was gigantic before, but now it looks like she's carrying a house on her behind. Also, she looks hideous in face area. She doesn't look right. Did she get plastic surgery? That blonde hair makes her look washed out. I think kanye is trying to turn her into his true love beyonce.

373 days ago


The half black part of me still wouldn't tap that Big fat ass because I can't forget her getting pee'd on. The white part of me can't stand that fat ass but the pee thing does help. Bitch sure is a gross pig though.

373 days ago


It looks deformed. Gross.

373 days ago


Could this woman be more full of herself? I think she's getting desperate because her so called fame is fading fast.

373 days ago


There should be a license to be a parent

373 days ago

arale norimaki    

Kim Kardashian Is a Lot That's Wrong With American Morals.

"Many families drew their conclusions of Kardashian’s moral rating after she produced the controversial sex tape which was considered a promotion of loose moral fibre.

who cares? after all, who is Kim? a glorified porn star
wondering i how someone can get so caught up in a work of fiction...

last time i remember a porn star is not a celebrity””

These people don't need anymore attention and if the magazines want to continue to push these nobody's on us it's time to push back! Hide/Move to back of shelf and absolutely refuse to buy any magazine with Kardashian on the cover.

Enough fed-up of this whole Kardashian nonsense

373 days ago


I use to like you and now I hate you because you have not self control. Why do you have to put your body out for everyone to see your are just so cheep. You are now a mother and if you think you would like your daughter north to see you like that and act like that it not cool. Kim get a grip on life no one cares about you that is why you have to put your out for everyone to see. You have no brain.

373 days ago


The skank is high with this one.

373 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

It takes mad skills to look like you're wearing a diaper when you're almost naked.

373 days ago


Nor do I think her ass looks good whatsoever. I have just seen so many other models/actresses post these SAME type of pictures. But there is so much hate for the Kardashians that people will condemn pictures like this instantly. If some Victoria Secret model post a picture JUST like this there would be loads and loads and loads of "OMG SHE SO HAWT". It's a double standard.

373 days ago
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