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Kylie & Kendall

Booze Officials Try

To Crack Jenner Mystery

10/18/2013 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

and Kylie Jenner are the new Heisenberg -- The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control has become OBSESSED with figuring out if they were up to no good when they entered a 21-and-over bar ... according to the bar.

As we reported, there are conflicting accounts about whether 17-year-old Kendall and 16-year-old Kylie used fake IDs to enter a 21-and-over L.A. nightclub Tuesday night.

Kris Jenner insists they were admitted without IDs, but the manager of Vignette lounge is adamant the girls presented fake IDs at the door, and claims he didn't even know who they were.

Now, the ABC has become involved in a big way.  People at the bar believe the ABC wouldn't waste its time on some underage Joe Schmo, but since it's the Jenner sisters ... the ABC has become aggressively determined to expose the truth, which would send a loud message to underage drinkers everywhere.

We're told the ABC has requested video surveillance footage from the nightclub, which they hope will show the Jenner sisters showing IDs at the door. The club is cooperating with authorities, but it's unclear if the surveillance video contains anything incriminating.



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Those I.D's were as fake as Kim's wedding !!!

370 days ago


Please do not mention Heisenberg and Jenner trash in the same sentence. Thanks.

370 days ago


Pretty people always bend the rules . Having said that what is the big deal , you let all the other stars do it when they were young !

370 days ago

Isaac Newton    

Kendall and Kylie are smoking hot. I would bang them both!

370 days ago


Even if they were let in without ID's.. they were still let in to a 21 and over club. is kris jener that dumb!

370 days ago


Oh man, trust me, defending the Kardashians is the last thing I want to do.

But I will openly say with no regrets that I have snuck into bars and clubs in my town at 16 and I'm not saying it's right and being 19 (and legal in Canada now) I realized how stupid it was and I should have waited but you were all 16. You must have done something incredibly stupid, I'm not gonna fully defend them though and will say that they are in the public eye with paparazzi so of course you'll get caught but for me, I'm brushing this off considering I know I'm no saint.

However, Mama Jenner shouldn't let them roam that far from freedom because you can easily fall through the cracks.

370 days ago

StarLett 420    

Ha, disgusting

370 days ago


Ummm... I'm not a fan of the K/J clan but... Has ANYONE thought that they might LOOK that way because a THOUSAND CAMERAS WERE FLASHING IN THEIR EYES??????? just wondering....

369 days ago


Won't be long till they have sex tapes just like Kim. LOL

369 days ago


Wastoids. Stupid looking drunken b!tches.

369 days ago


I give them till they are 21 until one of them wraps their car around a street pole or tree,and kicks the bucket.... No loss

369 days ago


Obviously competing with Kim and losing, badly.

369 days ago


Already drunken sluts in the making.

369 days ago


Yeah! Throw them in jail and lose the keys! Come on now, people! Like none of you tried to sneak into clubs and bars before you were19. Have to be 19 in canada but I'm not sure on the age in the u.s. 21 ? Doesn't matter. They're doing what most young people do but they can't get away with too much because there's always a camera in their face and putting the finger on them! Don't act like you're disgusted. Weren't you young once?? PLEASE!!

368 days ago


Next minute you know there going to have a sex tape with a black guy

367 days ago
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