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Kendra Wilkinson's Bro

She Kept Alleged Pregnancy From Fam

She's a 'Psychotic Bitch'

10/18/2013 1:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1018_kendra_wilkinson_and_brother_gettyWe know why Kendra Wilkinson's brother called his sister a psychotic bitch who can go straight to hell ... because she humiliated and disrespected their family by hiding possible baby news.

Colin Wilkinson, Kendra's bro who has appeared on her reality show, went crazy on Kendra for telling their mom to die. 

So we started digging, to find out what triggered the explosion of anger.  It seems Colin and the mom were bent out of shape because they were left in the dark about her possible pregnancy.  They learned of it after reports surfaced yesterday.

Family sources tell us ... Kendra's mom called her daughter and apparently the conversation didn't go well, because it ended with a death wish.

Colin then stuck up for his mother and went nuts on Kendra.

Kendra won't confirm whether she's pregnant.  One thing's for sure ... when the baby's born, his or her Thanksgivings will be intimate -- no need for sticking an extension in the dining room table.


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nobody's business but her and her husband.. back off n she'll release the news when shes ready

371 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

Kendra jumped the shark last season.

371 days ago


Kendra Who?

371 days ago


Kendra Wilkinson's Bro
She Kept Alleged Pregnancy From Fam
She's a 'Psychotic Bitch'....................AND KENDRA WILKINSON IS A NO TALENT FARTING SKANK

371 days ago


Many women wait until they know everything is okay and then they share the news. It's her business and she can do what she wants.

371 days ago


when im pregnant i prob wont tell either side of the families till like im 5 months. You tell people when you damn well are ready.

371 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

Riding the fame train on her back.

371 days ago


We Know.

371 days ago

Spunky Funk    

Kendra's mom really needs to get a life of her own and stop meddling in her children's lives. Kendra has a family of her own now and she is doing exceptionally well. Ever since Kendra decided to leave the Playboy lifestyle, you have been against her choices. It's like you loved living vicariously through her - able to attend all of the hottest Playboy parties, be featured on a hit reality television show, etc....but once that was over you had nothing. Reality check - it was NEVER your life, it was Kendra's. Get your own life!

371 days ago

Ruby Testarossa    

Kendra's mother called her daughter a "whore" for her relationship with Hugh Hefner and criticized her previous pregnancy. so why on earth would Kendra even bother to talk to her, never mind tell her something that is none of her business. It's up to Kendra and her husband to announce a pregnancy when and to whom they want.

371 days ago


Colin is a boss, stop hating on him for protecting his mother. The problem is that she told her own mother to die.

371 days ago


This anger probably stems from the history of Kendra being on a reality show, and the way she disrespects her mother.
The truth is , Kendra's life would have been low-life if Hef never asked her to be involved with Playboy. As we watch the early shows, Kendra is un-educated, getto, foul-mouth , and very ill-responsible girl. To be honest, the other girl's disliked her.
Through the reality shows, Kendra does show dis-respect to her mother, favors her Grandmother,
and acts embarrassed by her family. That hurts

After all, her Mom did her best raising her and her brother alone, and the real person she should snub is the father that walked out on her !

Her brother is standing up for his Mom, and it shows the hurt they have been put through do to her celebrity status.
The problem is , Kendra's star is fading, her show's rating are nil , And her 15 mi. of fame is over ! Getting pregnant are hopes of interest in her again, but it won't work. I'm surprised she has lasted this long. Her life is just not that interesting,
Better treat your family well, it will be all that's left,

371 days ago

She's baaaack    

I guess he's the sane brother putting it out there, right? Hey asswhole, she might be having problems and doesn't want to announce it for that reason. Maybe she's one of those people who don't like to announce until the first trimester is over. If it ain't your kid what's it to you anyhow? Her uterus is none of your business.

371 days ago


Kendra is uglier every year and she has a sh@t personality.

371 days ago

Gloria Unread    

I don't see how this is humiliating and disrespectful to him. She's an adult and not living with the family, so her having a baby isn't going to directly impact them.
It seems more psychotic that he would be this bent out of shape about it. Odds are if someone is hiding information like this, there's a reason for it. Maybe she doesn't trust her family because they make statements to the press smearing her.
I'm not even a fan of hers, but I feel bad for her in this case. Families have squabbles and say sh** like this to each other in the heat of the moment. That's fairly common. What isn't common is one side of the family speaking to media outlets and making sure the other side's comments are put out for the entire world to know. Real family members that love and have respect don't air their dirty laundry. You keep that in-house.

371 days ago
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