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Kendra Wilkinson's Bro

She Kept Alleged Pregnancy From Fam

She's a 'Psychotic Bitch'

10/18/2013 1:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1018_kendra_wilkinson_and_brother_gettyWe know why Kendra Wilkinson's brother called his sister a psychotic bitch who can go straight to hell ... because she humiliated and disrespected their family by hiding possible baby news.

Colin Wilkinson, Kendra's bro who has appeared on her reality show, went crazy on Kendra for telling their mom to die. 

So we started digging, to find out what triggered the explosion of anger.  It seems Colin and the mom were bent out of shape because they were left in the dark about her possible pregnancy.  They learned of it after reports surfaced yesterday.

Family sources tell us ... Kendra's mom called her daughter and apparently the conversation didn't go well, because it ended with a death wish.

Colin then stuck up for his mother and went nuts on Kendra.

Kendra won't confirm whether she's pregnant.  One thing's for sure ... when the baby's born, his or her Thanksgivings will be intimate -- no need for sticking an extension in the dining room table.


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Non Ya    

It's non of anyone's business other than Kendra and Hank. Get a life Colin, no one would know about you if it wasn't for KENDRA!!!

370 days ago


Wow, can't imagine why she didn't trust her family, they really seem like they can keep a secret. Oh wait...

370 days ago


Gotta call BS on this one. Seems like a publicity stunt. Her show is on tonight. Ratings are probably low.

370 days ago


Doing a sex tape didn't disrespect the family, but don't tell them about a baby and everyone loses their sh*t...

370 days ago


I stopped liking Kendra after watching her on Wife Swap. SHE SPENDS NO TIME WITH HER SON. Seriously...her husband gets up and gets the kid fed and ready then takes him to school (he's like 3-4)..he's in school full time ...meanwhile Kendra sleeps in, sits around all day, goes shopping or hangs out with her girlfriends. When the kid gets home from school HE HAS A NANNY. Kendra and Hank don't even eat dinner with him....BTW Kendra doesn't cook or clean EVER..Hank does. She also goes out clubbing with her girlfriends all the time. When exactly is she spending time with her kid ? hour before bed maybe?..SHAMEFUL.......I hope they don't have a 2nd child...they're too selfish.

370 days ago


I don't know this woman Kendra, but it sounds like her brother and mother are a pair of bullies.

370 days ago

The world is disgusting    

Just because you are family, it doesn't give you the right to know anything. I never liked her wanna be thug acting brother and her mom seems like a gold digger.

370 days ago


Come on MOTHER AND BROTHER grow up and stop thinking you can run her life omg she doesn't have to tell you everything and when she did tell her mom last time the mom still got mad!!!! Girl live your life they are going to regret this later on!! She shouldn't be judge for what she did in her past by far NO ONE IS PERFECT

370 days ago


The ONLY reason her mommy is acting up is because she needs Kendras money. Another point Kendra is so stupid the only thing can do is get knocked up. Takes no brains for that.

370 days ago

devil's advocate    

Since I think Kendra is nothing more than a famewhore when it comes to herself and her "reality" show. I'll tell you what I think is going on. All you have to do is take a look at another famewhore show about families, the Real Housewives of New Jersey. I'm betting Kendra watches that series and saw how great the ratings were from the family feud between Teresa and Joe. Kendra probably realizes that her viewers are getting tired of her show being nothing about how trashy she is and needs a new storyline. I don't watch her show, but I'm sure you'll see show after show of her trying to bring the family together, because family is everything to her, just like the Gorga/Giudices. These type of "reality" shows have jumped the shark with their fake storylines and will hopefully start dropping like flies.

370 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

How dose keeping a pregnancy from your family make someone a psychotic bitch, tmz? There is more to the story. You guys got it wrong.

370 days ago

Lady Juliette    

If she is pregnant, she doesn't have to tell anyone but her husband. Maybe there was a good reason she didn't tell her family about the pregnancy. If they can get upset of something as little as this, I wouldn't tell them anything either.

370 days ago


I like Kendra but that's how all siblings should act. stand for your mom and don't let anyone disrespect her even your blood so kudos to her brother,

370 days ago

Fred Farkel    

I guarantee you that if you woke up next to her with no makeup - you would scream like a 12 year old girl and run away.

Thank you

370 days ago


Is there a law that she had to immediately inform them of her pregnancy? Give me break! Her relatives seem a bit outrageous!

369 days ago
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