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Kim Kardashian

Ass Challenge

from Hot Pro Surfer

10/18/2013 12:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's 26-year old pro surfer Anastasia Ashley and the woman she's attempting to steal ass glory from ... Kim Kardashian.

Who'd You Rather?

  • Kim
  • Anastasia

Even though both are packing major booty heat -- the question is ...


No Avatar


she gunna have hip replacement by age 40.. how can that hip carry that one hundred pound half ass on side ... especial;y in heels she wears.

she prob get arthritis in hip knees and toes with all that ass weight.

yup hip replacement in her fourties

180 days ago


When did having a fat ass become sexy?

Disgusting. Kim should keep that monster under wraps.

180 days ago


just last week in paris she was wearing a winter coat covering it up.. she comes homes and takes a pic of ass and sends it to the world. she didnt learn anything about fashion from the french in paris last week now did she?

180 days ago


Lamborghini on the left. Dump truck on the right,

180 days ago

marius bir    

77% anastasia vs 23% kim,,,,,,,,tmz is cheating,,,,no way kim would have 23%, more like 6-8%,,,,,,,perfect exemple of what a nice asz looks like and then kims diper asz that which looks like she has a leak in her colon and all the sh!t is leaking in her butt and thighs,,,, I'm serious people! What other is explenation is there,,,, but the black like it soo, not trying to be racist but everyone know they like the women fat, deformed,,, and to all the people who think I'm wrong, open your eyes, 95% of black males in america like fat women, and when I say fat, I mean OBESE, I like a women to have some meet on her, but , obese is sick,, sorry obese women, even you know irs true, kim has an obese asz, like I said,it looks like she took a sh!t and it just leaked all inside of her!,,,,,,,,,peace out!

180 days ago


Who the hell chose Kim in the poll.. Surfer girl has a beautiful ass, Kim's just got a disgusting flabby ghetto-booty.

180 days ago


TMZ: Please stop letting your gay staff write about what qualifies as a nice butt! Kim Kartrashian has A HORRIBLE BUTT!!! Up to 5 years ago big fat butts like hers were universally panned. It is weird looking! Anastasia on the other hand has a very nice butt. Please only let your straight staff qualify female butts from this point forward. It's only fair.

180 days ago

nu sox n draws    

we are talkin about an athletes ass versus one that has steatopygia here

180 days ago


Anastasia with one bag of safeway in her head
' hands down ' hot butt ... no doubts !!!

180 days ago


Anyone else notice Anastasia flipping the bird? LOL

180 days ago


KK can keep her BIG FAT ass give me the Anastasia hottie any day

180 days ago


100% Kim wins hands down **** all ya'll hating on her

180 days ago


Anastasia has well toned glutes sorry I think Kim loses...her glutes are just toooooooo big.

180 days ago


Kim Kardashian is a whore. She is still all about her. Notice she didn't show a pic of her and her new baby. I would be willing to bet she doesn't even take care of that child, some nanny does.

180 days ago


the surfer for sure, plus she is fit and has a hard body, kim is just a sloppy nasty ho!!

180 days ago
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