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Kim K.'s Ass

Caught in a Giant


10/18/2013 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

101713_kimk_launchKim Kardashian's ass serves many purposes -- the latest being her butt-flashing Instagram post ... which may have been strategically deployed to distract us from her family's slew of huge problems.

It's sneaky, but we're not complaining!.



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gegeok still a whore....

338 days ago


So... her showing her butt on the internet was supposed to what... wipe the memory of everyone who viewed it like some kind of Men in Black mind eraser? Okay... this gang of trash does know that people will look at the picture and then go right on remembering that her family is a total train wreck.. right. Her ass isn't that powerful, no matter what they seem to think. Also... I really can't wait until her kid is old enough to use Google Search. She'll get to find out her father is a narcissistic jerk with a god complex and issues with violence and her mother started the home made porn trend, post half naked pictures of herself on the internet, her uncle is a crack head, her grandmother is a fame whore, her other uncle is an alcoholic who is the definition of a douche bag and that her cousins are trampy hoe bags who underage drink and also post trashy pictures of themselves on the internet. They are all famous for NO REASON and they've made themselves a total mockery. Oh, she'll have money... so that's a perk... maybe she can use it to escape, change her name and live a normal life somewhere else... mostly likely not though.

338 days ago


She's such a fame whore and this really proves it. She gets upset when she reads negative comments about her. Dah you dumbass, stop exposing yourself and concentrate on being a mother!

338 days ago


This is the only way she can make herself relevant show her fat a$$ or make a sex tape!! She is 32 grow the F up!!!

338 days ago


Oh jesus christ all of you shut the hell up. Deep down you all know you wanted to see her. Most of you are jealous and insecure women. If you can't stand her then why did you click on the Damn story?!?!?!?! As a mother of 3 who's worked hard to lose the weight & feel sexy again, I can appreciate and understand where she's coming from! Hell I wish I looked half as good as she does. Now you women can go back to being the nags you are, making the men in your life miserable. Try not to smack them or feel too hurt when you catch them looking at her pic lol. What happened to women trying to stick together? I'm tired of everyone always pouring each other down. Had she not done this you all would have been saying is cause she is probably still fat and ashamed (another example of putting a womans image down) too fat, too skinny, slutty, prudeish... just stop it. Grow up and stop acting like children!!!

338 days ago


Kanye won't marry you Kim..... he loves his BF in France. you're just a fashion accessory to him. and not a good 1

338 days ago


Her ass is so big, TMZ has had to post the same non-story 3 times.

338 days ago


Ugh, you know she hired a team of stylists, make up artists, and photographers to stage that right. Don't care who ya are...there is no reality anymore.

338 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Her ass is so huge and hard looking after she dumps she must wipe it with a wad of toilet paper wrapped around something like a long-handled back scratcher or shoe horn. That thing can't smell good.

338 days ago

Vic Creed    

I would love to doggystyle that beautiful ass!

338 days ago

Master P    

Really - fake or not - does ANYBODY find a fat rear attractive? She's fat - that's all. If I had an azz like that, I would get some serious lipo, then hit the gym - and sure as hell NOT post it anywhere! This is disturbing, sad, and real proof that America is going downhill...

338 days ago


Who cares? She's not sexy, unless you're into silicone and plastic surgery women. Her and the whole lot of them need to go away already. Whoever told them they were all that and a bag of chips lied.

338 days ago


Big backseat and a lot of gas..

338 days ago


And she wants a star in the hollywood walk of fame?! Well she def deserves something for all this entertainment she provides to the world I agree with Kanye kardashian on this one, so how about ya'll start something called the "hollywood walk of shame" just for her and put a bunch of stars on 'em for her and her family? kanye too?!

338 days ago


Again, send her fatass and her family to that one way trip to Mars !

338 days ago
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