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Lara Flynn Boyle

Mystery Behind Shocking New Pics

10/18/2013 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1017_laura_flynn_boyle_fame_launchSomething seems different about Lara Flynn Boyle ... at least judging from these new pics of the actress, but people close to LFB tell TMZ that NOTHING'S WRONG, she's the victim of a few bad photo angles.

The former "The Practice" actress was out shopping at The Glen Centre in L.A. earlier this week looking noticeably different than she has in the past.

We called several people close to Lara to find out if perhaps something was wrong -- but we were assured by them the actress is perfectly fine ... and just seems to photograph poorly these days.   In fact, one person said she saw Lara 2 weeks ago and she looked fantastic.

The problem, it's not that there was just one stray shot -- Lara's look is consistent in a series of photos taken that day, from multiple angles.

Yeah, we're stumped too.



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Jackie Stallone doesn't look that bad for 91!!!

341 days ago


It almost looks like she's had a stroke. One side of her face is droopy. It definitely looks like she is/was pretty ill.

341 days ago


Any amount of aging looks far better than a face like that, destroyed by hack-job plastic surgery ? It's horrifying & sad.

341 days ago


She used to be stunning. Now it looks as if her face his melting.

341 days ago


This is horrendous plastic surgery gone wrong. However, I do agree with some previous posts that her abdomen looks swollen (ascites). She looks sick and I hope she'll be able to be well soon. (the smoking is not helping)

341 days ago


I'm not trying to be mean or funny....but it really looks like she had a stroke. Is she okay? We haven't seen her in awhile.

341 days ago


Pardon the error. She had such amazing bone structure which should have helped her while she was aging. Her underlying foundation would have maintained get looks even while her skin aged. Some sort of cosmetic procedure or multiple procedures had to have caused such an egregious destruction of her beauty. The clown plastic surgeon who destroyed her looks should NEVER touch a scalpel again if this is a typical representation of his work. If I was LFB I would want to make sure everyone in the business knows the identity of this terrible cosmetic/plastic surgeon!!

341 days ago

Mr. Principal    


341 days ago

New Orleans    

The ciggie doesn't help. She and LiLo are a matched set.

341 days ago


Did she have a stroke?

341 days ago


Bad/botched cosmetic procedures on her face, with the ducked up lips being obvious back in the late 90s and early 00s), combined with what has appeared (for many years, even back when she was acting in anything people would recognize) to be a body that is, at least in part, a result of anorexia, possibly with purging thrown in there (because of the swollen face). She looks like one of those kids with Marasmus/Kwashiorkor. Her muscles look to be terribly wasted.

It's a pity, because she's still quite young at 43, and she used to be so beautiful when she was healthy and pre-cosmetic procedures. If she's got a bunch of people-pleasers around her, telling her she looks great and all is well, then I feel sorry for her... because, to me, it looks like she is very ill, physically... and probably mentally, too.

341 days ago


Obviously you haven't seen her in recent years. There is a picture of her from some premier looking just like that except kind of fat.

341 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is also on the same road, fillers and other surgery only makes you look older. Lip injections are so popular right now with white girls, it looks stupid

341 days ago


When are people going to learn to stop with the fillers! Don't they understand if you are aging and your skin is starting to sag that adding filler to sagging skin is only going to puff that sag like a balloon!! It happens to all these people. Stop using them.

341 days ago


She obviously has face fillers but her jaw looks really swollen. She looks extremely thin and bulimia causes swollen lymph nodes. Her abdomen is also really round and starvation causes that.

341 days ago
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