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Mayim Bialik

Sues Over Car Accident

I Nearly Lost a Hand!

10/18/2013 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Big Bang Theory" actress Mayim Bialik has just sued over her serious car accident last year -- claiming it nearly cost her a hand.

As we reported, Bialik was driving in her white Volvo last August when it was struck by a 2013 Mustang in a Hollywood intersection. The other car was filled with Chilean tourists.

At the time, a source told us there was blood everywhere at the crash scene, stemming from major damage to Mayim's hand. Another source said "her finger was almost completely severed ... it was just hanging there."

Now the former "Blossom" star has filed a lawsuit against the other driver as well as Hertz Rent-a-Car -- presumably because the other car was a rental -- claiming she suffered injuries to her right hand, right thumb, and nerve damage.

She's suing for unspecified damages, but that includes lost wages -- and since she earns a reported 5 figures per episode on "Big Bang," it could really add up.



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I would just like to say that I am tired of looking at Katie Holmes' knee vagina every time I come to this website.

335 days ago


Ouch....TMZ this all you got for a Friday night....not entertaining....Harvey better call in some tokens...yawn...yawn...yawn

335 days ago

The world is disgusting    

Good for her, I hope she wins! When I last read about this the tourist were drunk and behaving rowdy. I also read that hertz rented the car without doing a proper license/paperwork check. This was a year ago, so I wonder if the details have changed...

335 days ago


oh brother. actors and actresses are so dramatic. if she had almost lost her hand she would have been in the hospital longer...had rehab longer and we still wouldn't have seen her yet because of rehab. so fricking dramatic.

335 days ago


Bialik is still pulling the almost lost her hand and finger? What a joke.

335 days ago


Not saying she's fabricating anything, but a Volvo is pretty good in an accident and the photo doesn't show it as being that bad, which makes me wonder how the hell did she almost sever a finger? Was she wearing as seatbelt, which is required by law? There are a lot of dingbats (male and female) who claim major injuries, real though they may be, because they didn't want to use their seat belts. Again, wtf on the finger?

335 days ago


Hard to sue the tourists if they are from Chile since they've presumably gone home. How did she injure her right hand if she was driving? If you are t-boned on the driver's side, wouldn't your left hand be the one that gets hurt the most?

334 days ago


I agree with one of the other posts....when the accident happened her publicist indicated it was a minor incident and Mayim would be back on the set the next day, which she was. I haven't noticed that it has impaired her ability to do her job, nor have I heard she has been in constant pain or unable to use her hand in a fully functional way since the incident. If it is such a freakin big deal, why did she wait over a year to file a suit? She certainly doesn't need the money....

334 days ago


I would sue the driver not the rental company; that caused injuries to the hand, and the pain that resulted from it..

The driver should be held accountable for their incompetance behind the wheel.'

334 days ago


She should sue her parents for that FUGLY face! Ick! LOL!!!

334 days ago


You people are major tools. Just because someone is famous or makes more money than you, they shouldn't be made whole in this instance? Fine the next time you are in an accident, just walk away. buy your next car out of pocket, pay your medical bills out of pocket.

The point is, that she SHOULD sue. Not only does she have the right to, but she has suffered a loss, not of her own accord.

331 days ago
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