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Casey Kasem

He's Dying ...

A Few Months to Live

10/19/2013 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Kasem
will die in the next few months ... this according to a rep for Casey's wife Jean.

As we reported, Casey and Jean were sued by a former caregiver who claimed she was mistreated and cheated by Jean during her employment with the couple.  The housekeeper, Hilda Loza, sued in small claims court and the case was heard Friday.

Jean did not appear at the hearing.  The wife of her lawyer appeared on Jean's behalf.  The woman told the judge ... Jean wanted a continuance for a few months because that's how long it will take for "the situation to resolve or end, unfortunately."

If that seems a little cryptic, Jean submitted legal docs in which she said, "My husband is terminally ill and unable to leave home."

The case was thrown out because Hilda didn't properly serve the Kasem's with the lawsuit.  She has the right to try again, but it looks like the clock is ticking.


No Avatar


She is probably using this opportunity for some "get back" for something those kids of his did to her. The next time they come to her door, she should post a picture of him on her door.

371 days ago


This is the last thing Carey needs!!!
Sadness and problems will accelerate his conditions. It is sad that when he should be the most relax and happy for his health, he is having all this CIRCUS around!!!
My love to him!

371 days ago


Dont forget Casey and Jean have been married a very long time. This is who he picked to be his queen. We do not know the story about the kids. For all we know this was his wishes and he was estranged from the children before he got sick.

371 days ago

Glori B    

God Bless Casey and thank you for all the wonderful years of music updates. He has been a great icon and may he live a comfortable remainder of life. And yes his children have every right to see his father. His wife, although I know nothing about her, should have a heart and make Casey's last months or years happy ones! Let his kids see him. Have a heart!!!

371 days ago


If I were his child and my stepmother wouldn't allow me to see my father and she says he's dyeing and only has a few months to live. I would be questioning my fathers well being. I honestly would think that she is doing something possibly even making him worse....or else why would she not allow ANYONE of his friends or family to see him? I understand some news outlets say his kids never liked her blah blah blah...well guess what that's what ALWAYS happens when parents get remarried. Your going to not allow his own children to say goodbye to their father when your saying he is dying just because they didn't like you years ago?! Come on! I honestly feel like something is going on and that's the reason why she wont allow anyone who has been close to him for years to come in.

371 days ago

Just Moi    

The picture says it all... He looks like he is ready to burst into tears. Sad.

371 days ago


What is wrong with his wife. He has children who need to see their father before he dies. regardless of the relationship he has with them. Its not her place to deny that. Karma will come back to her

371 days ago


My Dad ia now in Heaven but I woukd much more prefer to have him rather then money. His stepchildren got it all after their wicked mother passed away. They went against my Dads wishes and took it all. Greed is a mean thing.

371 days ago


Jean seems like a horrible terrible woman. Who would keep a dying man from seeing his children that he loved & who loved him & his friends, grandchildren & family FOR MONTHS?!!! I heard he only has 3 months to live & that Jean asked the judge for extension in the lawsuit of 3 months. "Ironic" I'm sure she's in his will. But what some women won't do to ensure getting a $42 million dollar home. I just hope Casey is ok being cared for by someone that selfish & evil... Why can't they see him? I bet she'll want him cremated immediately too...

368 days ago


Mr. Kasem is a man of class, character and decency. He's the kind of talent that is virtually absent in today's entertainment world. A true professional indeed. He's so much the late Dick Clark being a great host and presenter. Mr. Kasam is true professional all the way. It's very sad what life affords us; sickness, sadness, worry and loneliness. Caring for a dying loved one is one of the most intense moments that a person can experience.

297 days ago
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