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Kate Middleton

Sexy Stomach Conspiracy

10/19/2013 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just 3 months after giving birth -- Kate Middleton's flat, ripped, royal mid-riff accidentally popped out in front of a bunch of London photogs.

That's what the Duchess wants you to believe, anyway ... but one conspiracy theorist ain't biting!



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Tummy tuck

335 days ago


She look'great! Harvey think's there is a conspiracy theory going on! He said so during TMZ LIVE today,LOL! some women just really take care of them, selves, and I think she is one of those women who does! Also she is still young so her metabolism, help's Im sure!

335 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

Forgot to point out they lowered the net for her as well. See it droop?
Kate is ok, Shes pretty but not all that. When you line her up against the royals ok she looks hot but that's because the rest are dumpy in general. Shes just ok. nothing really special about her. Kind of just an average looking woman, And also keep in mind she was probably on a strict royal diet for the baby and didn't get huge like Kimmode who ate everything. so you have to compare Kate to a woman with a better figure. Like say Gwenith Paltrow. How long did it take her to get her figure back? I have no clue just thinking it would have been a better comparison.

335 days ago


Kate Middleton Sexy Stomach...................i'm in love !

335 days ago


The conspiracy theory is Kim put her staged huge ass "selfie" (yeah, right) out there, showing that sluthood is still overriding motherhood. The very next day a candid is taken of Kate at a public appearance where her abdomen is inadvertently exposed and Kim goes whining to Kris who immediately decides that at least TMZ will try to spin it. Believe it or not there are women who are fortunate enough to have their pre-pregnancy shape back with a nice tight abdomen with nary a stretchmark. I've seen it with one of my sisters. Not everyone is so vain they run to a plastic surgeon KIM.

335 days ago


She was tiny during her pregnancy, so it's no suprise she's back to her pre pregnancy size.

335 days ago


Why is she such a big topic? She looks nice but this isn't newsworthy. Next...

335 days ago


I knew Kate would lose the baby weight very quickly because that's her body type. Some people are naturally thin like Kate and it doesn't take much for their body to bounce back after a baby.

My best friend is tiny like Kate. She eats anything she wants and never exercises, and always weighs 110 lbs. When she got pregnant, she stuffed herself all the time but never got fat. After the baby, she was back in her regular clothes within a month and looked like she'd never had a kid. She didn't do any exercise or diet either. It's just body type. Kate is lucky and so is my best friend!

335 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

twin conspiracy concept. there's two of them.

335 days ago


Stop it Harvey!! She has always looked great and clearly, only put on the baby weight whilst pregnant. Besides, it is her first child and most women bounce back within a couple of weeks with their first child. Nothing new here.

335 days ago


Hey TMZ - Why don't you investigate Kim's huge and deformed post-partum ass? It shouldn't be too tough, you guys are already so far up it.

335 days ago


I was 110 lbs before I was pregnant. I was 140 lbs on the day I gave birth. 10 weeks after giving birth I was in a size two jean. At 15 weeks post baby, I was in size 0. I was nursing my baby and that literally melted off the weight. It does happen without any kind of "tummy tuck" Some of us just have different responses to pregnancy and we are naturally "thin". Does not make us (whether thin or not) better or worse, just different. In the end, all that matters is each person is a healthy as they can be with a healthy baby. All the rest is trivial.

335 days ago


This is normal if you eat normally during pregnancy. My wife's tummy looked like this in no time after birth. Don't eat for two full grown adults, eat for one adult and a tiny bit more for the tiny tiny baby.

335 days ago


My sister had three children, each time her bely looked huge, but she left the hospital with a tiny belly and within 6 weeks it was gone and she was back to 104 pounds and no stomach. Her daughter is the same, three kids and you would never know it to look at her. Some women are just lucky like that.

335 days ago


So Heidi Klum can do it, but Kate can't ?

335 days ago
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