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Khloe and Lamar

Where There's a Will

There's a Fortune

10/19/2013 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian
has been heroic in trying to save Lamar Odom, but there's a cold, hard fact ... there's a financial reason why she shouldn't divorce him just yet ...  because she's set to inherit millions if something terrible happens.

Numerous Kardashian family sources tell us ... Lamar has a will which leaves the lion's share of his assets to Khloe.  Lamar has made more than $100 million dollars over his13-year career, and unlike other players, we're told he hasn't blown through it.

We're also told he has a life insurance policy that makes Khloe the primary beneficiary.

As we have previously reported, Khloe is ready to file for divorce but hasn't done so because she fears it would push Lamar over the edge.

This is not to say Khloe is motivated by money.  Everything points to the fact she is NOT and she really cares about Lamar.  But reality is reality.


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You would think he would leave his money to his two kids.

Please don't call Khloe a hero, come on. Partying with the Game is not heroic.

336 days ago


She has lots of her own money. She should insist the money goes to his kids. Kardashian greed. I'm over them now.

336 days ago

Jane Doe    

If anyone cared about the lives of these 2 people stop being idiots and just let them be. **** happens, people have problems! Khloe probably has enough to deal with and she deserves not to be ridiculed and harassed by morons that know nothing about whats really going on.

336 days ago


I pray she dies first

336 days ago

Jane Doe    

What is wrong with people! Leave these people alone. **** happened, people have problems and everyone deals with them differently. The poor girl just wants to help her husband who obviously is going through a lot of stuff. I commend Khloe for trying to be there for her man and not giving a fu** what people say. You morons have nothing better to make people feel worse than they already do.

336 days ago

npsconnie are so freakin predicable!! You got your mileage out of the Kris/Bruce split (yeh, nobody saw that coming), Kim's fat ass (posted 3 times in a row), and now we're back to Khloe and Lamar. Kris must really have someone there by the short hairs. I nearly died laughing when I read the line "This is not to say Khloe is motivated by money." That is the only thing that motivates this disgusting family besides getting their pictures posted on TMZ with the riveting updates of their sleezy lives. Can't wait for it to has gotten SO old.

336 days ago


Don't forget Khloe agreed to marry Lamar after she was dating him for 9 days - and she takes her 16 and 17 year old sisters to a sex themed night club this past week - does the word idiot come to mind?

336 days ago


stupid everyone thinks her and kim are in relationships for money .. they do damn fine by themselves dumbasses

336 days ago

Crazy Cat Lady    

I believe that Khloé really does love Lamar, and that he loves her, too.

The pressure of living under the media microscope 24/7 must be incredibly difficult to bear, not to mention the pressure that would come from being a part of Pimp Mama Kris's circus. I can understand why Lamar would be tempted to use drugs in an attempt to escape from all of it.

When a person is so caught up in abusing drugs, it corrupts the mind, heart, body, and emotions to the point where reality and responsibility take a back seat to getting high.

I believe the drugs have made Lamar forget what is important in life. I hope he realizes, sooner rather than later, that he is making a mistake and gets professional help (detox, counseling, et al.).

He and Khloé both need to get far away from Kris Jenner and work at rebuilding their lives, out of the spotlight.

If I were in Khloé's shoes, I would be as mad as hell at PMK for lying about my paternity when she should have been honest about it. I certainly wouldn't trust her to have my best interests at heart.

(FWIW, I believe Alex Roldan is Khloé's biological father. Just my 2 cents.)

I pray for Lamar and Khloé and hope they can work things out.

336 days ago


Khloe needs to take her hermaphrodite self to Vegas and divorce the sweaty chocolate man a.s.a.p.

336 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

I almost feel sorry for her. She was a light skinned fat behemoth raised between two little dark sisters. Kris probably ignored her most of the time. I doubt her father was a black man. O.J.s kids with a blonde woman were obviously mixed race kids, but Khloe looks more white than Armenian, which probably saves her a ton of money on having whole body waxing once a month. I still think she has that F the world attitude, as if she's a real Kardashian.

336 days ago


Hey, Momager might be affected by his money!! I can see the wheels turning in her head already!

336 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Lamar and Khloe are bigger azzholes than I originally thought. This man has two children that he barely sees and he leaves the lion's share of his estate to Khloe? Any sympathy I had for him being dumb enough to marry into that evil family is gone. I live for the day I can enjoy my blogs without hearing about these people every damn day.

336 days ago

john johnson    

once a leech and a goldigger.......

336 days ago


So? She has plenty of money. What's the point of wasting your time with a loser, keeping them and their chit in your life, just to possibly get something you don't even need? Greed is such an ugly thing. Heaven help Harvey and all others whose minds think that way.

336 days ago
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