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Khloe and Lamar

Where There's a Will

There's a Fortune

10/19/2013 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian
has been heroic in trying to save Lamar Odom, but there's a cold, hard fact ... there's a financial reason why she shouldn't divorce him just yet ...  because she's set to inherit millions if something terrible happens.

Numerous Kardashian family sources tell us ... Lamar has a will which leaves the lion's share of his assets to Khloe.  Lamar has made more than $100 million dollars over his13-year career, and unlike other players, we're told he hasn't blown through it.

We're also told he has a life insurance policy that makes Khloe the primary beneficiary.

As we have previously reported, Khloe is ready to file for divorce but hasn't done so because she fears it would push Lamar over the edge.

This is not to say Khloe is motivated by money.  Everything points to the fact she is NOT and she really cares about Lamar.  But reality is reality.


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No 1 likes them and if she love him so much she would have not leaked their family business she would have worked out their problems in private but then whats love got to do with ratings

335 days ago


Sure, she cares so much about him. That's why she and Pimp Granny sold him out daily. Also why she is strutting around draping herself around The Game. She is no better than the rest of them, all lowlifes.

335 days ago


I really question if this thing with Lamar is real or just Kardashian ratings gimmick #135.

335 days ago


You should never come OUT of a relationship WORSE than when you went into it.

So I don't blame Khloe for being pragmatic.

It's also refreshing to hear Lamar's invested wisely - hasn't done anything stupid with his $.

Me I'm hoping they work it out - they can you know.

335 days ago


...Me and the womanz went to a counselor years back...

We said help us, we need help, can't figure it out.

...So the (MFT) counselor heard both sides of the story...

God bless her for listening by the way...

Okay, she studies this - then weighs in.

i.e. How to fix our problem(s) and work it out.

However by NOT agreeing to the womanz' side?

The womanz STORMED out saying the counselor's "against me" and "counseling sucks."

Can Lamar allow a third party in and to mediate?

Cuz right now it doesn't look like it.

Cuz Lamar doesn't think it'll go Lamar's way.

But Lamar might be surprised.

These MFT's and psychologists are smarter than we think they are -

They see through - in - and around -

I was pleasantly surprised by how well therapy and therapists actually work.

PROVIDING you trust them.

Me I had no choice.

A blessing in disguise as it turned out...

It's BETTER to have no choice...

You don't WANT choice.

335 days ago


If something does happen to him, his kids should get the money.

335 days ago


By the way, this data and info SEEMS to have been provided by the Lamar Odom-interests.

Cuz it portrays or mis-portrays Khloe as the Demoness.

Could mean all hell's about to break loose.

Cuz you doesn't wantz one of those Kardashian-girlz ANGRY.

...cuz then the GLOVES come off ... and you die.

If you look at it, this is a CAREFULLY-worded suggestion - ?

That Khloe's "Desperately wanting to save Lamar."


-Is but a ruse.

335 days ago


It's all about money with those F'n bitches, even they know the end is near for their no talent "fame"

335 days ago


Lamar must have been high when he signed this off to leave his millions to a MILLIONAIRE??? His children should have been the main people to get his lions share. Plain and simple. This story has made me even more convinced he has been a druggie from back then! And if Khloe was aware of his intentions, she is as greedy as one would expect a Kardashian to be. Sad bunch.

335 days ago

BB not bb    

I think she wants him to change. I don't know if they are betting on his death. I think he is trying to get back to work. Maybe he can make it, who knows?

335 days ago

my opinion    


335 days ago

my opinion    

What a punk not given it to his kids instead of given it to the hoe wife who already has money

335 days ago


Photoshop Deluxe never a "REAL" photo PimpMomager taught all of the KKK to be greedy like she is...

335 days ago


You just jumped to a new LOW TMZ, really?????

335 days ago


Definition of Nightmare:

Someone leaves you 12 million -

Providing you're still their wife.

You can't take it anymore and divorce his azz.

The day after the divorce he keels over from the stress of the world, divorce, life.

Leaving the 12 million to the State.

-oh and there was a double-indemnity provision.

You're out a quarter of a bil.

335 days ago
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