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Dina Eastwood

'I Still Love Clint'

But Not His Negative Energy

10/20/2013 12:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Clint Eastwood's wife Dina still loves her estranged husband ... but hopes a little new age voodoo -- the use of crystals --  will rid her home of Clint's negative energy  ... TMZ has learned. 

Dina tweeted a pic from the Crystal Fantasy in Palm Springs ... where she dropped a couple of hundred dollars on crystals, incense, sage ... and other stuff believed to have metaphysical powers of healing and cleansing.

While in the store, Dina was overheard dumping on Clint and his new squeeze ... because they had shacked up at a home the Eastwoods own in Palm Springs. 


Now Dina apparently plans to do some heavy duty house cleaning ... using the crystals and incense to remove all of the bad energy left behind by Clint's visit.

She was also overheard saying she still loves Clint ... and that the whole breakup is just "unreal and heartbreaking."


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Maybe Clint just needs a New Chair to Talk to?

371 days ago


Dina Eastwood 'I Still Love Clint' But Not His Negative Energy...................THAT'S SO NICE OF DINA TO STILL LOVE HER EMPTY CHAIR TALKING GRANDPA...

371 days ago


What? Did Clint decline to be on another episode of your dead show? Did he deny you of that magical unicorn that grants you privilege to a tenth maid servant? Did he tell you that you were overspending? That negative Nancy! How dare he.

371 days ago


She got tired of him talking to chairs..

371 days ago


Dina is a crazy, manipulative, self absorbed ass hole. Did you see her show? The writing was on the wall. Clint wouldn't give her the time of day and wanted no part of a reality show. BUT she had to push and push to get her way the and now she's pout the door
By By skank hoo

371 days ago


'HIS' negative energy? Many know he's easy goin and down to earth.

Yet your thinkin 'Rocks' and 'Burnin Twigs' is some kind of answer?

Uhhh.... I"m goin with Clint on this one.

371 days ago


The crystals are pretty, and that's about it. People who believe in that new-agey BS baffle me; there is ZERO evidence that crystals have these mystical properties.

I guess she has plenty of Clint's money, though, so she can buy as many pretty rocks as she wants.

371 days ago


Dina if you want to cleanse yourself the only way you can do it is through the blood of Jesus ask him into your heart and he will repair your marriage and spirit.

371 days ago

BB not bb    

Didn't Clint Eastwood dump Sandra Locke and then destroy her career so she couldn't take any of his money? He likes to leave a trail of destruction after he gets done using his women. Some cowboy. He is probably Illuminati connected with all the power he has in Hollywood. Maybe he put a curse on her house to try to intimidate or even silence her for good.

He always does seem to have a negative vibe around him. You can burn sage and collect rocks all you want, but for a guy that Satanic, you probably should stay away from him and not let him in your house again and pray to Christ if you can.

371 days ago

devil's advocate    

If I can read between the lines, what I think she is say, Clint has negative energy because he refuses to be waste what little life and respect he has for himself promoting a stupid reality show for her. The NRA and RNC have already made a fool of him, why let the family do the same.

371 days ago


Dina was hoping the old boy would die of a broken heart and she'd cash in, but he had a new girlfriend before she was finished packing. Sure fooled her, didn't he?

371 days ago


She loves Clint's money.

371 days ago

Mr. Pukey    

But I LOVE LOVE LOVE his net worth and full access to his $$$

371 days ago


Clint didn't say anything about Obama that isn't 100% true. That's why Obama dupes are still whining about it. Someone dared to say it.

371 days ago


Perhaps Dina Eastwood should check into another rehab facility to assist her with "ACCEPTING" that her husband has "MOVED THE HELL ON"!!! Better yet, the money she's wasting on so-called "NEW AGE GIMMICKS" would be better spent on a "REPUTABLE CHARITY" that actually helps others in need. In fact, volunteering at a local "HOMELESS SHELTER" or "FOOD BANK" would be a "REAL EYE OPENER" for this "SELF-ABSORBED HALF-WIT"!!! There are much worse things that could happen to a woman than her "MAN DUMPING HER"!!! She could be "BROKE, HUNGRY & HOMELESS"!!! I doubt seriously, if Clint Eastwood is going to leave this woman in such an "UNFORTUNATE STATE"!!! At least she won't have "DO GROUCHY ANYMORE" and "PRETEND SHE LOVES IT"!!! Frankly, I would be "PARTYING FROM HERE TO ETERNITY"!!!

371 days ago
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