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Kylie & Kendall

Face the Music

10/20/2013 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

and Kendall Jenner are back at it, hitting a famous music venue in West Hollywood last night -- and this time, they definitely were NOT ID'd at the door.

16-year-old Kylie and 17-year-old Kendall went to watch their brother Brandon perform with his wife Leah ("Brandon and Leah") at the Troubadour -- Bruce was there too -- but the good news, no fakes were required ... because it was an all-ages event.

... Unlike the one at Vignette nightclub earlier this week.

On their way into Trouabdour, we asked the girls about their visit to the 21-and-over venue Tuesday -- but they didn't have much to say. We asked Bruce what he thought too. He didn't look too happy about the situation.

As we reported, the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control has is on the hunt trying to  figure out if the underage Jenner girls used fake IDs to enter Vignette -- even requesting security footage from the bar.



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So TMZ is on the Kardashian payroll to try to make these girls relevant now that Khlow, Kim and Kourtney are all played out huh? Thats the only reason I can see that this 'went to a club underage' story has had about 5 different postings this week, none even from a new angle.

Even when Justin Bieber is caught drinking or partying illegally it gets at the most 1-2 posts, and he's a legit celeb in his own right! I think Harvey must be banging Kris.

313 days ago


come on TMZ dont you have a lamar crack update or a file for divorce petition of bruce or lamar yet? give us something legit here. how about a marriage propasal to lard ass kim posting her lard ass all over the internet ? isnt the lard ass going to have some immaculate paris french marriage ceremony to the that angry rapper with lots of money yet? how about some gold toilet purchases from angry rapper for that huge lard ass kim? has he bought anymore 850k gold toilets for that huge ass she cant wipe when she goes poo cus her arms are too short to fit in there to wipe it out.

313 days ago


hollywood has no morals, nothing will be done if you have money in hollywood, you can buy your way out of anything.

313 days ago

Gary Wells    

Here is what I don't get. They make money and get PAID because the are in the spotlight and then when in the spotlight they are *******s. They also look annoyed eh whatever whats the point.

313 days ago


If they did that here in Baltimore, the club's doors would be chained and padlocked. Plus, their liquor license would be taken away. The police here don't play with bars and clubs that serve minors. They recently repealed the law that allowed some clubs to have an 18 to party, 21 to drink policy after a local Baltimore TV news hidden camera investigation exposed that a lot of clubs with that policy were not asking anybody for ID. The one that wore the hidden camera? A 19 year old female college intern named Ashlee that has an internship at the station.

313 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Hey you two little twerps.

It's time to go home and go to bed. You are not special and you have accomplished NOTHING in your lives.

Thank you

313 days ago


Those are not attractive girls.

313 days ago


If Bruce was really unhappy about his daughters underage clubbing, he wouldn't be taking them to another club. Most parents would ground their kids. This family is all about money and fame, any way they can get it.

313 days ago


When are we going to over with these really not so interesting people, who really cares about their drama.

313 days ago


Ugh! Bruce's ponytail... pffft

313 days ago


let me get this straight, this (particular) event was "all ages allowed" so the weren't required to show ID...yet TMZzzzzz tries to make it a "story" since it's Kardashian/Jenner related.

313 days ago


last week TMZ posted a picture (at the direction of the Old Pimp) showing Kris, Bruce and his two boys all "lovey dovey"....since they're such a close knit loving family why didn't Kris go and about at Khum and the 2 other whores?

313 days ago


Katy Perry was obviously excluding Calabasas trash in her song California Girls am sure.

313 days ago


Anyone can be a model these days even below average looking girls like Jenners so why aren't they on fashion runways? association with the Kardashians?

313 days ago


btw what's up w/ Bruce & this ponytail he's wearing. He looks ridiculous...What's wrong with him? Seriously, does he still think he's 20 years old?? ewww

313 days ago
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