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Jenna Jameson


Live TV Segment Cut Short Over Bizarre Behavior

10/21/2013 5:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

102113_jenna_jameson_launchJenna Jameson was a MESS during a live TV interview this morning ... slurring and stumbling as if she was wasted on-air ... and it was so bad, sources tell TMZ that producers cut her segment short.

The 39-year-old porn legend appeared on "Good Day New York" -- promoting her first novel, "Sugar" -- and we're told she was supposed to stay for two complete segments.

But after the first couple of minutes, it was clear Jenna was out of it (at the very least) ... and producers made the decision to cut off JJ before the second segment.

Jenna has struggled with substance abuse in the past .. she pled guilty to DUI last year after crashing her car into a light pole in Orange County, CA. Officials say she had two types of prescription drugs in her system at the time of the incident.

Jenna's ex Tito Ortiz has also said Jenna is hooked on Oxycontin -- but Jenna has denied those allegations.



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Obviously the poor girl needs a new direction in life starting with a new line of work. Based on her past work experience, she'd be excellent at removing chrome off of trailer hitches at rental yards!

368 days ago


She's acting like a girl I dated a few times several years ago; she'd take Xanax and then a couple drinks. She was a beautiful girl for a great family but sadly, she's no longer with us on earth, OD'ing at 29 y.o.. I see the same potential here.

368 days ago


I can not believe some of you do not think she is using, it makes me think the ones of you that don't realize it are using too,,

368 days ago


I can not believe some of you do not think she is using, it makes me think the ones of you that don't realize it are using too,,

368 days ago

jack meehof     

too many visitors to the back door. it's starting to fill up in her brain

368 days ago


A washed up porn wh***. Selling your soul ain't all that cool.

368 days ago

B. O'Bama    

choking on a sperm ball no doubt

368 days ago


Yes she slurred and looked out of it, but everything she said made sense if you listen to it. To report that she made no sense is unfair and the dumb public always buys into it.

368 days ago


Years of heavy partying has spaced her out

368 days ago

Mr. G    

Clearly she is on something or she has a medical condition. Whether it be a prescribed medication, an illegal drug, substance or a stroke, there is something going on there. It could very well be the result of a previous stroke. In addition, she isn't too articulate or bright intellectually and it's very evident. But then again, I don't ever recall needing an education to spread your legs. Not passing judgment here but that's just the reality of it.

368 days ago


Washed up, banged up, lubed up, used up and unloved. How sad, Its going to be much worse when shes 50 and loses the last of her looks. If shes even alive then.

368 days ago


Total LOSER!!!!!!!!!

368 days ago


Jenna Jameson was damaged before the porn industry got to her. From there on it was ALL downhill. How sad is this interview. For years she thought she was in control. She never was. Yes, she made lots of money but sold her whole life out.. They had her believing it would last forever. NOTHING lasts forever. All the cosmetic surgery, drugs and alcohol has taken it's toll on her. She looks horrible! Her skin and those lips!! It's really very sad. She lost her mother so young, was rebellious and ran off to the world of porn. How pathetic she has become. She's dependent upon her book sales now. I wouldn't read it let alone purchase it. Obviously, she is under the influence of something. She has to numb herself. She is left with nothing. Her husband left and has the children. Was the porn industry worth losing your life, Jenna??

368 days ago


Some people are just crazy.

368 days ago


And you expected what ?.....

368 days ago
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