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Joe Theismann

'Redskins' Name Is a TRIBUTE to Native Americans

10/21/2013 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

102113_joe_theisman_launchJoe Theismann is flipping the script -- telling TMZ he believes the name "Redskins" isn't derogatory at all ... insisting it's a TRIBUTE to Native Americans.

Theismann -- who quarterbacked Washington from 1974 to 1985 (winning Super Bowl XVII along the way) was at LAX this weekend and told us, "I was very proud to wear the Redskin uniform."

Joe says he was also proud to "represent the Native American nations of this country as proudly as we could with such great honor."

Theismann says after he won the Super Bowl, he was given an "Indian headdress" -- but couldn't remember which tribe gave it to him.

For a guy who once had his leg snapped in half, Joe moved out of the way pretty quickly when we asked if the team should finally change its name.

So, we gotta ask ...

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Fred Farkel    

Hi Joe: Ever since you have been on TV with the SuperBetaProstate pills, my prostate has been giving me FITS.

Thank you

367 days ago


The name IS a tribute to the honorable and noble American Indian and his culture. Much like the "Fighting Sioux" of UND, the team and its fans are fiercely proud of the name and all it represents. The only disgrace is the small minds who seek to bastardize and belittle keeping the tradition and heritage alive.

367 days ago


My dad was a Cowboy.... I'm offended by their team name! MUST CHANGE IT NOW! I can't sleep at night because of the heart ache and nightmares the team name gives me... Give me a break libs, between Obama, Bob Costas and Wash Journal they won't let this go. This name has been around 80 plus years, the difference is we are living in the new America!~

367 days ago


I do think they should drop the "Washington" from the name.

367 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

haha, that's an original take on the situation at least.

Because the 'harlem black-skins' and 'beverly hills white-skins' wouldnt be considered offensive at all...

367 days ago


The "Cowboys" did not have their lands stolen, women raped, and children killed. MILLIONS and MILLIONS, and MILLIONS were killed. You can not force a so called :tribute on a group of people that do not accept your notion of the so called tribute. Remove the name and do some research

367 days ago


Don't we all get it yet? It doesn't matter if it offends Joe Theisman or not. All that matters is if it offends Native Americans. Only the people that it is being pointed towards can comment on it being offensive or not.

367 days ago


Want to know what the INDIANS think?
How the Redskins became?


367 days ago


Let's take this up a notch....When are they going to change the name of Oklahoma? Google the meaning of Oklahoma.

367 days ago


He is an ass...if this team was called KKK, people would understand.who in the world commemorates a human by using a derogatory phrase?

Boniehead, once again, respecting the people that are the most invisible, are lied about and poo poo'd , heaven forbid respect is given.
Sports is apparently more important.

367 days ago

Josie Wails    

Joe thank you for being so correct......it is a fantastic tribute and came from Indians painting thier faces with Red paint hundreds of years ago!! Most people do not know the history.
The sickening part of all this is watching Bob "hair dye" Costas sucking up to Obama and the Dems so he can be included in their sick ageanda.
Redskins Cowboys annual game is the very best. Joe Theismann is a great QB and is totally correct.

367 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

People need to stop being such cry baby bitches over every god damned word. its just fcuking stupid. Grow up. Everyone so over fcuking sensitive. Has everyone in this world turned into a little cry baby bitch? Its a team name so what.

367 days ago

BB not bb    

If they want to be super politically correct, why don't they just ask each reservation to take a poll of its residents as to whether they think the name is offensive. Then they can give the result of each poll to the team and see if more are against it or for it. Some might say they are against it out of spite, but I think many of them like to see a remembrance of their prowess, pride and honor.

367 days ago


Even though the name redskin is made up because Indians put red warpaint on, I can kind of see that anytime you mention skin color it riles people. But with names like The Braves or The Seminoles or the Blackhawks, I don't see it as a form of racism, but simply honoring the Indian culture from years ago. If all sports teams refused to use names from the American Indian culture, then that would hurt the culture even more for the simple fact that people would only know them as casino owners.

367 days ago


Once can only speculate as to why Theisman would cheapen his brand by jumping into the fray with ignorance.

367 days ago
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