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Joe Theismann

'Redskins' Name Is a TRIBUTE to Native Americans

10/21/2013 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

102113_joe_theisman_launchJoe Theismann is flipping the script -- telling TMZ he believes the name "Redskins" isn't derogatory at all ... insisting it's a TRIBUTE to Native Americans.

Theismann -- who quarterbacked Washington from 1974 to 1985 (winning Super Bowl XVII along the way) was at LAX this weekend and told us, "I was very proud to wear the Redskin uniform."

Joe says he was also proud to "represent the Native American nations of this country as proudly as we could with such great honor."

Theismann says after he won the Super Bowl, he was given an "Indian headdress" -- but couldn't remember which tribe gave it to him.

For a guy who once had his leg snapped in half, Joe moved out of the way pretty quickly when we asked if the team should finally change its name.

So, we gotta ask ...

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"Indians" were supposed to be tough and fearsome. So when did it become "offensive"? When all these haters figured out that they could find offense in anything and everything?

364 days ago


Heck it's the "Washington" part that's an embarassment

364 days ago


Don't say its a TRIBUTE to Native Americans.. Do you want to be called a Cracker.. My skin isn't RED..

364 days ago


Take out the skins and put in necks. I would support that. How about a team called the Boston Honkies? How about a team called the New York Spics? Would 78% of the idiots in the poll allow that as fine?

364 days ago


Redskins is the best name that sorry team can have. Should it be the Washington Flip Floppers? Bullets?, Shutdowns?

364 days ago


You are a complete IDIOT Observer. The DID have their land STOLEN and they were MURDERED AND RAPED. You clearly have never cracked open a frickin history book. The natives welcomed them with open arms. Then the white settlers continued to build walls around them and they could not figure why. They pushed and pushed the natives away from their land grabbing more and more. The story continues and ends with BLOODSHED.

Those dirtbags settlers were nothing but murderous, thieving s***! Get a clue DUMMY.

364 days ago


Do people even bother to find out what something is about before they get outraged? Here it is....The Redskins are NOT named after the skin of native Americans. Redskins comes from the red clay warriors used to apply before going into battle. Enough with this political correct baloney. Know the Facts, people!

364 days ago


There is a team in South Dakota called something along the lines of the White Men. It's made up of mostly Native Americans I believe. I'm not offended. In fact I thinks that's badass.

364 days ago


My dad was full blooded and it didn't bother him so why would it bother me ? Other races need to back off thinking they know what everybody feels about it.

364 days ago


Why don't u visit icu of children's hospital and tell me if this is really worthy of so much coverage. If the name caused cancer or brought bodily harm etc, ok? It's a football team that has always honored native Americans. It is the only symbol that brings dc together, unlike the donkey and elephant that divides. If this causes u so much turmoil, then fasten your seatbelt bc u obviously r not prepared for how bad life can get for you. Once u do, u will realize how stupid this crap is and be ashamed for giving it so much thought.

364 days ago


It's racist. I'm half Native American and it makes me cringe every time I hear it. If the team was called "******s" then it would have been changed 50 years ago.

364 days ago


Okay I'l by that, "Red Skins" a tribute to Native Americans.
How about "White Trash" as a tribute to white folks. I think that's fair.

364 days ago


The "R" word is as racist as the "N" word. There's a lot of african americans in Washington, maybe they could change their name to the Washington blackies. See how well that goes over.

364 days ago


im so sick of all this politically correct bull**** that goes on! keep the name, all Indian and animal names of any team, they have had the name since the beginning of time for christs sake!

get over it and relax, in fact they should be overjoyed being honored in this way!

364 days ago


If it really is meant as a tribute (which I highly doubt) than why not just flat out change the name to "The Native Americans"? They won't because the whole "tribute" line is a load of bullsh*t, that's why.

364 days ago
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