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Kim & Kanye

First Video Of The PROPOSAL

10/23/2013 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here it is ... the video of Kanye West begging Kim Kardashian in the most grandiose way possible to become his lawful wedded wife.

Kanye and Kim were planted on the infield at AT&T Park in San Francisco Monday night when he got down on his knee and popped the question, while an orchestra played in the background.

The hug that ensues tells the story ... Kim said yes, she got a 15-carat diamond ring and they went off into the sunset and drank a lot.



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I'm not a fan of either - something they won't be losing any sleep over, I"m sure But i wish them well and I hope they can salvage a life out of the mess that has been their lives so far. . . at least for the benefit of their child.

334 days ago


Congratulations on their shameless, fame whore engagement. Just wished they would have used a more significant stadium in SoCal or New York home of their stomping grounds. I'm 100% bay area born & raised and I'm actually disgusted they used AT&T park as their stage craft, because the park actually has sentimental significance to my family and friends. She will be miserable after all the honeymoon stage when he starts controlling her life, at least Humphries actually had a genuine vibe about him, he's probably at home singing Beyonce's song:
Thank God she blew it, Thank God I dodged the bullet, I'm so over you Kim good lookin' out.
I wanted you bad
I'm so through with it
Cuz honestly you turned out to be the best thing I never had
You turned out to be the best thing I never had
And I'm gon' always be the best thing you never had
I bet it sucks to be you right now

334 days ago


Good luck to them. I bet the only thing he will end up paying for will be the ring as the other costs will be written off via the show. Same goes for the wedding. In the end they will spend very little but make a ton of $$$ out of stupid people and companies that are fascinated by their life style and feel included because they get to contribute/ watch parts of it. But honestly, good luck to them and i wish them well. Everyone deserves to be happy and i hope they truly are. :-)

334 days ago

Ozzie X    

I heard on ESPN some idiot closed down the ball park. They were right.

334 days ago


Remember the Robert Kardashian Sr. segment they used during the Humphries engagement (pathetic). Best acting when she pretended to cry. I wonder if she will put on those fake tears for Kanye, I guess I'll grab popcorn and wait for the new engagement series in season 9.

334 days ago


appears as though she had to wear a coleman pup tent to cover that cottage cheese ass on the field

334 days ago

Karen Rigby    

She has had so much plastic surgery done and it's probably what the loser wanted She looks like Beyoncé now

334 days ago


Repulsive devil, retards bullies and haters s***bags
bigots shut up and go away you lot cause people
to commit suicide and hate crimes, even on the field
in sport. Some of you have a delusional disorder
should see a psychiatrist because the things you
say and write does not make sense all rubbish
and crap. Congratulation Kim and Kanye wishing
both of you and your beautiful daughter a life of
happiness and love

334 days ago


This, like everything else he does is not about her, but about him. He is nothing but an ego on legs with a permanent scowl. given what he has amasses for what he does, he should have a smile that even death couldn't wipe off.

334 days ago


Oh please, what a total waste of my time to watch two self absorbing individuals put on such a tasteless and ridiculous waste of money. They both got nothing better to do then live in La La land.... sad.. so sad

334 days ago


Two people; both totally absorbed in themselves, get engaged. Neither has any clue as to what real life is about. Kim is all about herself and her fat body. Kanye is nothing short of an angry, no-talent black rapper who thinks he's all that. What a lovely, loser couple they make. Poor, sweet baby to be born into this total mess.

334 days ago


More the ridiculous - lordy how long is this gonna last! Crazy celebs!

334 days ago


"OK people, listen up, Kayne had a good proposal and all BUT Prince William has the GREATEST PROPOSAL OF ALL TIME"....LOL! CUT TO HIM BEING PUSHED OFF THE FIELD!

334 days ago


Why am I wasting my time here just to say why should I ever bother watching anybody's staged marriage proposal? Looks like Mama Kardashian got something out of Kanye' and Kim's relationship after all tho.

334 days ago

Irene Windsor    

Dont cry Bruce - maybe Kim will invite you to the next one

334 days ago
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