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Kim & Kanye

First Video Of The PROPOSAL

10/23/2013 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here it is ... the video of Kanye West begging Kim Kardashian in the most grandiose way possible to become his lawful wedded wife.

Kanye and Kim were planted on the infield at AT&T Park in San Francisco Monday night when he got down on his knee and popped the question, while an orchestra played in the background.

The hug that ensues tells the story ... Kim said yes, she got a 15-carat diamond ring and they went off into the sunset and drank a lot.



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Her 3rd marriage and she's only 33..... I'm betting it won't last! She's so vain and in love with herself. It's sad that she fell for the 1st black guy to show her attention!

315 days ago


Who really cares about this ****ing ****. Harvey you are a real piece of **** for putting this on your site!!!!

315 days ago


Kanye West is a gay fish

315 days ago


who are they kidding here? why would kayne want to marry someone like Kim that doesn't even take marriage seriously? she got married to Kris for 72 days just for show and got knocked up with another dudes kid. If she did this before she'll do it again. all fake for ratings. kanye is a hypocrite. he says he wants everybody to stay out his personal life yet goes all out for a speacial occasion on camera that should've been shared behind doors, not with the world

315 days ago


She's happy being with the person she truly loves, (regardless of perception, skin color, and what haters and people who don't mean a thing in her life say)....meanwhile, someone just got engaged/married to a guy simply because its who their family or friends selfishly want her to be with, but deep down she feels emptiness....if you have family that loves you, they won't judge you because they trust and respect your judgment.. they will stand by you in this journey called life, no matter how many times you fall... follow YOUR heart.. its the only honest thing you will live by for the rest of your life.. NEVER SETTLE or PRETEND be bold and honest.. life is too short to live a FAKE ONE..!

315 days ago


Who gives a S**T.. so sick of them.. how many more millions spent on another wedding that won't last. Why don't they donate the money to the homeless, or the hungry, it would be better spent. !!

315 days ago


that is much more interesting

315 days ago


lmfao kayne sure picked a winner here. Kim's the kind of girl you can take home to mom.

315 days ago


WE GET IT. They are engaged. Is there a point to posting the same story over and over again with different pictures and headlines? WTF.

315 days ago


Please, someone, anyone, get me a bucket so I can puke.....ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww;;;;;;; Look ma, it's the oragatan & the monkey getting engaged.....

315 days ago


Meanwhile, in far more interesting news, Prince William and Princess Kate christened their child PRINCE GEORGE surrounded by their LOVING FAMILY.
Yet these 2 attention whores have not been seen publicly with their beastly offspring. It's become more then obviously they are BOTH ashamed of their child.

315 days ago


All this........from the mental midget that claimed he wanted privacy. GTFOH.

315 days ago


HEY TMZ, how come you haven't picked up the story about Kim having PICKED OUT her ring? I guess that would discredit the "big surprise engagement".
Come On TMZ - do some REAL reporting...find out if they brought NORF the Invisible Baby.
Strange how the Piglet Kim hasn't called in to TMZ live yet to oink and squeal about her engagement..

315 days ago


Hey HARVEY did you hear that Freddy Prinze Jr and Sarah Michelle Gellar where going to be neighbor of these to fame whores...but sold their home and MOVE AWAY instead....why dont you report on THAT?

315 days ago


Where's their BABY NORF?

315 days ago
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