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Lindsay Lohan

Reaching for Trouble

10/23/2013 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1023-lindsay-lohan-x17Lindsay Lohan may have been reaching in the wrong direction last night because it looks like her hand was going straight for a wine bottle.

The pic was taken at a Hollywood Hills home where Lindsay was hanging out before attempting to catch a red eye back to NY.  Lindsay got to the airport too late and missed her flight.

There are no photos of Lindsay actually clutching the bottle or drinking but the evidence is ominous.

TMZ has learned Lindsay sent her sober coach packing. The coach had stayed with LL in NY after she left rehab, but has now returned to Cali full-time. We're told LL told him she can do it on her own now.


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But she was just there to wish happy birthday to a friend.

330 days ago


Here we gooooooo....

TMZ ‏@TMZ 1m
Dina Lohan's Lawyer -- The Paparazzi Caused Her To Drive Drunk

330 days ago


I for one am stunned she's reaching for wine. I really thought she was sober and really, really, really, really learned her lesson this time and was serious. No sober coach. Does Oprah know about any of this? She does now as well as her disrespecting a bar and throwing a temper tantrum, insisting they stay open until 6, and locking herself in and calling the police. She belongs in a mental ward for years. What a vile creature, the entire family. Everything is fine, eh MiLo? But lol, how fuming mad is she right now with someone having the nerve to take a picture? BUSTED Blo! I hope Oprah will can her, and what is Oprah's level of tolerance with her? Oprah deserves what she asked for.

330 days ago


I support LIndsay and Dina right now in these difficult times. - Sincerely Nicole

330 days ago


There is no hope for her...

330 days ago


Shooting Pics INTO a Private residence
from outside?

330 days ago



After nonstop Lohan fvckery, Harpo is cutting the losses early; going for the real story; punishing the parents; enforcing the contract and making Lilo do her job, eh?

Due to the complete and total relapse of Linds into her pre rehab crakho life, Harpo is changing direction from the story they wanted (Linds Beats the Odds!) to the story they got (Linds Does Same Ol, Same Ol!)

Only the Lohans could so stoopidly kick such a Gift Horse in the Mouth! The New Story? The Two Million$ Eight Ball; Gone With The Wind!

Nice work Homeschoolers! Lemons to Lemon Aid? No! Lemon Aid to Lemon Drops!

(Photo by Orca)

330 days ago



330 days ago

Ellie G    

Did people really really really think she would stay sober?

330 days ago


Lindsay was too Drunk to catch her flight back to NY.

330 days ago


Someone needs to be arrested...and paid for this are an accessory. She is meeting her family in NY today..father and sister and guess you will make a bad thing out of that also. SMH.. this is about lower than low..even for TMZ

330 days ago


Now it is Obvious for Oprah's Auction she has to re coup 2 million she wasted on Lindsay Lohan. The Auction is now truly a charity case.

330 days ago


Absolutely ridiculous. If she was reaching for the bottle to drink from it two seconds later she would have had it and been drinking from it or at least pouring a glass. Where are those pictures? I mean the photog was right there, the pics would have been just as easy to snap as this one Nope this just TMZ printing anything that will get views so they can show their advertisers how many hits they're getting. They know the mere hint that Lohan has fallen off the wagon will bring people in droves. I'm not saying she's a tea totalling church goer these days, but this pic is only proof of how low TMZ will go to cook up a story.

330 days ago


OK, I could care less about LL, but this is the only picture that they took?!?! There has to be more they aren't showing. Maybe she was just "cleaning up" after her mother??? JUST SAY NO!!!

330 days ago

Wow ...    

Sad, so incredibly sad. This girl is going to kill herself. For those who argue, she isn't reaching for the bottle (are ya blind) you should know the girl should not be around people drinking at all - not given her history.

330 days ago
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