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Lindsay Lohan

Reaching for Trouble

10/23/2013 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1023-lindsay-lohan-x17Lindsay Lohan may have been reaching in the wrong direction last night because it looks like her hand was going straight for a wine bottle.

The pic was taken at a Hollywood Hills home where Lindsay was hanging out before attempting to catch a red eye back to NY.  Lindsay got to the airport too late and missed her flight.

There are no photos of Lindsay actually clutching the bottle or drinking but the evidence is ominous.

TMZ has learned Lindsay sent her sober coach packing. The coach had stayed with LL in NY after she left rehab, but has now returned to Cali full-time. We're told LL told him she can do it on her own now.


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I'll give the girl credit. She managed to not fall off the wagon longer than I thought she would.

Nothing short of a 1+ year stint in a lock down facility is going to save this kid.

365 days ago


We all know that any entertainment we get out of Lindsay Lohan is by watching her antics with drug addiction. WHO, seriously gets any entertainment out of watching her films ???

365 days ago


Why can't she ever make a flight on time, just more evidence of a pattern not changed at all.

365 days ago


Awesome! More Lindsay drinking stories, how I've missed them!

365 days ago


Shooting photos through someone's window is really douche-baggy. Honestly, If I saw a photog shooting pictures through my window, I'd George Zimmerman his ass with a double-barrel shotgun.

365 days ago


"There are no photos of Lindsay actually clutching the bottle or drinking but the evidence is ominous."

Let me get this straight. The photographer snapped a shot of her reaching for the bottle but somehow missed the shot of her actually holding it? Seems much more plausible that Lohan was reaching for something next to the bottle and the snapper landed a highly suggestive shot. Or maybe they are just the worst pap in the world who doesn't use burst mode or have the dexterity to hit the shutter button multiple times within a span of 10 seconds.

365 days ago


Call me suspicious ! but ain't those papz camera's set up to take one photo after another every second.?? and t his is the only photo TMZ posted...The very one to bait commentors to hit !!!!
and by the quality of the photograph it looks to be taken by a camera phone....
I thin you all are jumping on the bashing the Papz to quick.....this is a home grown photograph by one of the Lohan group for sure...and who needs the money it would bring from selling it....Lindsay Lohan.....thats who....
As for drinking from the bottle .....Who care's ? she's never stopped drinking in the first place just been careful not to be photographed doing it.... and how can you fall off a wagon you've never been on ????
But hey I'm not complaining ...Its better then one Kardashian Shyt spin after another........Good TMZ stay away from the Kardashions and you might get your fans back...

365 days ago


I wonder if Oprah's people have read this. The story on Radaronline is even better. Glad to see Lindsay and her Mom both back in the news, it has been boring without them. The Kardashian stories are just puke worthy..

365 days ago


I bet Lindsay is hung over today after drinking all that wine.

365 days ago


"There is no indication that Dina suffers from abuse or dependency," Mark Heller said, reading from what he said was the report, outside of First District Court in Hempstead, after the brief hearing. He did not clarify if he was referring to alcohol or drugs. "Therefore treatment is not being recommended. ... It is my hope that the courts will take the cir***stances of Dina's lifestyle [into account] when prosecuting this case."

365 days ago


Whats with all these people saying "Invasion of privacy" blah blah blah? Do any of you morons know that a crime was committed? If so, please provide some evidence to back up your claim. Because it looks like to me someone there took a pic.

365 days ago


because this is so repetitive, I will now have my Kitty Cat, Mango give us her insight...

Mango says, " Daf liksa drink. dafs not a nice drunk"

365 days ago


Dear Evil Paparazzi...... since y'all seem to have the power to force DUIna to drive stewed, can you please do it again? A few times would be cool.... I think the 3rd DUI is an automatic felony. You can get her locked up (like Lindsay Lohan)!

365 days ago


This is so dumb maybe she was cleaning up or getting it for her friend there is no proof she did anything.

365 days ago


Why does she even have a bottle of wine in her room? Someone in recovery should not even be near a bottle of alcohol never mind have one within arms reach. Stupid girl.

365 days ago
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