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Pauly D & Baby Mama


They Hate Each Other

10/23/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pauly D and his baby mama are at war, TMZ has learned ... and there's a big fight over custody and cash.

Sources connected to the baby mama and baby daddy tell TMZ ... Pauly doesn't think the woman is a fit mother -- he points to the fact that she once worked at Hooters.  He's also concerned because the woman, who's only 25 years old, has another kid.

Pauly and the woman, who goes by Amanda, have filed dueling court docs.  We're told Pauly wants some sort of custody of his daughter -- but the level of custody is unclear.  Sources say Pauly has not seen the child, who was born in May, but obviously he's looking to change that.  

We're also told the baby mama is demanding child support ... and even though Pauly says he's ready and willing to step up and take care of the kid financially ... he feels like she's treating the kid like a winning lottery ticket.  Exhibit A ... the woman recently posed the baby in a high chair that's covered in $100 bills.

As for how they hooked up, we're told it was one drunken night in Vegas ... but the kid isn't bringing them any closer. In fact, one source tells us they straight up hate each other.

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This is why you don't sleep around with anyone without a condom. I've seen this type of thing happen with people I know. The guy sleeps with a girl without using condoms and they don't nessassary like the girl, then they end up pregnant and the whole situation is a mess. This will teach him a lesson and he needs to be careful sleeping with anyone. There are so many diseases out there and people don't say they have something, then it spreads around. Actually if I was him I would get a check up.

264 days ago

L. Rosemond Kitching    

That is one FUGLY baby. Sorry I'm not sorry...

264 days ago


First & For most I am a very close friend of Amanda & baby Ama. This picture is of course taken out of context just like this whole story. Number #1 the REAL Truth will be out everyone is jumping to conclusions. Number #2 Pauly sold the story and has never seen or held this baby yet even after the DNA. Number #3 Amanda is a wonderful loving mother of two and she could have sold many stories but never has so her daughter could live a somewhat normal life. Number #4 this picture above with the $$$ was because Amabella won a picture contest. Number #5 instead of praising a so called man thats never seen ,held ,washed,bathed,or feed his only child give the mother credit for not selling anything since the day she found out she was pregnant. You all will be in shock of what comes out legally. Not everything in pictures or cheap ass websites is what it seems. JUST KNOW THAT BABY IS BEAUTIFUL HAPPY & SMART.

264 days ago


What a ghetto, tacky photo. And an ugly baby

264 days ago


she is a sweet little innocent baby, please dont make remarks about her. it is the irresponsible parents who just wanted to use each other,he used her for sex,she used him for money she will get for 18yrs. another man with alot of money to stupid to use protection.

264 days ago


Pauly is not the person you all think he is... time will tell. Just remember his baby is 5 months old ...he nor his family has contacted her or seen her ever. The truth will prevail. You idiots believe anything u see

264 days ago


If McDonald's will hire HIM maybe he can get an employee discount on food for the family....

264 days ago

Team Manda    

The mom didn't post the pic with the $100 bills. Working at hooters doesn't make you a bad person/mom. Being on a reality show where all you do is party and behave like trash however....

264 days ago


&& He has known since early put the pieces of the puzzle together.. do the calculations... pregnant for 9 months the baby is 5 months. You havent seen or heard anything about a baby until today when he released the news. I wonder why?? & Amanda wants financial gain... when she could have had it a long time ago?? ****ing idiots.

264 days ago

my opinion    

Well what did people expect of having a one night stand,and nor doesn't even know the person how they really are

264 days ago


Amanda, better strike while the irons hot... Sell your story to anyone who will take it, file for child support and fleece the dumbass!

264 days ago


He has not met the kid and is calling her a bad mother? **** off douchbag lol

264 days ago


Lol that's wat he gets. I guess he should've been like GTC (condoms) lol. She's going to take him for all he's got. I bet he now wishes he would've stayed with that nice girl from Miami lol

264 days ago


Do you think the famous DJ ever thought by selling the story that maybe just maybe things would get serious for his daughters well being?? He just collected $ but never thought about the danger he put his daughter into?? Why would he?? He has security to watch his back. But what about his child thats world will be in danger until it calms down.. instead tonight on his tweeter he wrote he is out joy riding on his bike. Do you think he contacted Amanda for Amabellas safety.....

264 days ago


I've seen a few early episodes of Jersey shore, and I swear that Pauly D was always the one going on about "protection" and had a draw full of condoms next to the bed. So what changed?
My boyfriend and I waited nearly two months to sleep together. And I fell pregnant the first time we slept together! Even with the coil. We now have a 10 week old son ha ha. Seriously guys, wrap it up. It only takes once!

264 days ago
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