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Pauly D

Meet Pauly D's Baby Mama

She's a Hooter

10/23/2013 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meet the woman Pauly D knocked up on the first try.

Amanda Markert -- a Hooters' alum who worked as a VIP hostess when she and Pauly got wasted in Vegas and had unprotected sex -- is what you expected to see.  Check out the photos.

It's not all sunshine for Amanda.  She's now the mother of 2 who is waging legal war with Pauly over custody of 5-month-old Amabella. 

We broke the story ... Pauly thinks she's unfit, but we've analyzed the pics and she's pretty fit to us.


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W0W,.....she sawyou comin' Pauly, stupid,stupid man,....and NO safe sex??? WTF. While I have a problem you calling a woman unfit because she works at Hooters,...? Really ? Ever see the movie The Accused? While she might or might not be unfit,, prove it. Here you go Paulie, were thinkin' with that 3rd eye again. Because you are who you are,....yea,...she saw the dollar signs,....but ignorance is on you as well,....C-O-N-D-O-M-S !!!! and now this precious little cild is caught in the middle,....and fyi,....who was the moron who took a photo of the baby with all of those $ 100 bills in front of her little hands?....Was this
mama's doin' ?......tart.

372 days ago


The picture of her to the left , I would have given her the benefit of the doubt. The picture on the right..Not So Much. Hopefully, this isn't representative of the type of person she really is.

372 days ago


Pauly D has every right and duty as the father to get custody and visitation issues resolved as soon as possible. Kids need to know both parents and see them regularly. Congratulations Pauly D

372 days ago


id smash that in the bathroom, that's about it though

372 days ago

Ozzie X    

Not sure why people gave him praise. He was an obvious d-bag. His time as a celebrity personality is over. He'll be working at a karaoke bar.

372 days ago

I won't grow up    

We haven't seen two people with such great parenting skills since the Huxtables.

372 days ago



372 days ago


Pauly may actually end up being a good Father.

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372 days ago


She's just what you would expect ! Next time he'll be more careful I bet ! And if she wants to COLLECT child support, she's going to have to GIVE HIM SOME CUSTODY !! hello, it works both ways...they are both unfit parents !

372 days ago

Ozzie X    

I'm sure Pauly D is drowning in the fact TMZ acknowledged him. The rest of the world could care less about this wanna be DJ.

372 days ago


FAKE boobs.
FAKE tan.
FAKE douchey Pauly D

372 days ago

chantelle comas    

YOU ARE ALL IDIOTS. Pauly D is a rich famous man, if he wants to sleep with these sl*uts from hooters then thats what they are their for. She already has a kid from a diffrent man, shows how irresponsible she is. She does look like a s*lut and of course she is so happy now she got a break because she can sue for money. She knew exactly what she was doing. I actually feel sorry for Pauly D... he was probably just looking for a night out of fun and sure he shouldv've worn protection what a dumazz! they were probably way too drunk to even consider it. But still, now this leech lady is not going to let it go, till she gets a piece of that cake. I'm on Pauly D's side all the way. Poor guy.

372 days ago


I see nothing wrong with Hooters girls being moms. Pauly D probably has an uphill battle in the custody fight. Most judges are suckers for mother's rights and if she chooses to use Jersey Shore clips of him being drunk and violent, he's screwed.

372 days ago


It's never her fault, eh? I wish the judge would throw her in jail until she can be women enough to admit her wrong doing. Nobody deserves to die due to this twit driving drunk.

372 days ago


who takes this many pictures of themselves???

372 days ago
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