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Pauly D

Meet Pauly D's Baby Mama

She's a Hooter

10/23/2013 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meet the woman Pauly D knocked up on the first try.

Amanda Markert -- a Hooters' alum who worked as a VIP hostess when she and Pauly got wasted in Vegas and had unprotected sex -- is what you expected to see.  Check out the photos.

It's not all sunshine for Amanda.  She's now the mother of 2 who is waging legal war with Pauly over custody of 5-month-old Amabella. 

We broke the story ... Pauly thinks she's unfit, but we've analyzed the pics and she's pretty fit to us.


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Pot calling Kettle black!! SHES unfit but hes the one DTF'en all over the Jersey Shore!! C'mon Pauly, really! You, my friend, shoudl be thankful you only have ONE baby momma!! shame on you!! smdh

329 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Bad enough that he laid her but do you think he actually put his hands on those ~things~ on her chest? That would totally freak me out.

329 days ago


Too bad a cute girl keeps having children by different men just to get a monthly check. Gross embarrassment to her kids who don't have a say. Both need to stay off social media, keep this fight private. Grow up!

329 days ago

BB not bb    

Why wouldn't he want to pay child support when he makes $11 million per year? He could give her $100,000 per year and I think she would be very happy with that. I don't think it is over not wanting to pay out. I think he just wants the women he uses for sex to be gone in the morning, for good.

They couldn't get those girls out of the house and into cabs fast enough when they were done with them. I sort of couldn't believe what I was watching, but unfortunately, people are like that. I guess it is an ego thing for them, I don't know. I don't really understand it.

329 days ago

Big Mark 91    

so many hot Hooter waitresses and he picks that one?

329 days ago


Did anybody think he was going to pick out a Rhode's Scholar?

329 days ago


You know that kid will be raised right.

329 days ago

T money     

I know Amanda real well, I have been friends with her older son, Mikey, father for a long time .. I have been to court with Lance over custody and child support m money many times.. I have known her for being a liar. ALl she does is LIE. She's all about money and from everything I know of her is always looking for hte next guy with MONEY so she doesn't have to work . and I probably know exactly what she said to Pauly D, so she could get knocked up.

SHe would use this excuse that she had ovarian cancer, ands he isn't able to get pregnant ever. DO YOU THINK PAULY D IS STUPID ENOUGH TO NOT USE A CONDOM?? come on the girl lied saying she had cancer in the past which made her infertile, which is a lie. when she was pregnant she was going around telling EVERYONE , that soon enough she is going to be RICH and just watch and see. She IS LOVING this now. She isn't a fit Mother, she is ALL a party girl.. Her mom and aunt watches the babies.

329 days ago

T money     

Amanda is FAKE, and is all about money. When she was pregnant with her first child (mikey) all she cared about was going tanning.

and when she filed her tax return and got EIC (earned income credit) which is suppose to be for mikey, she went and got herself a boob job

329 days ago


T-money on here is actually her son's father, a felon who lost custody of his son two years ago and she has raised her son alone for five years.

329 days ago


GROSS!!!!!!! Get Some Standards People!!!....What the heck is wrong with everyone!!!....Anything with 2 legs and a hole is HOT?!?.....GROSS!!!!

329 days ago


tmoney is actually writing his posts in straight from a drug rehab center. His mother pays his child support for a child he lost custody of 2 years ago. Low life.

329 days ago


All that money he made and he still hooks up with girls like this???? Aren't there any perks to being rich these days? Higher taxes and lower standards....

329 days ago

who dat    

It's no wonder two trashy individuals get together. Water seeks its own level.

329 days ago


329 days ago
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