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Pauly D

Meet Pauly D's Baby Mama

She's a Hooter

10/23/2013 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meet the woman Pauly D knocked up on the first try.

Amanda Markert -- a Hooters' alum who worked as a VIP hostess when she and Pauly got wasted in Vegas and had unprotected sex -- is what you expected to see.  Check out the photos.

It's not all sunshine for Amanda.  She's now the mother of 2 who is waging legal war with Pauly over custody of 5-month-old Amabella. 

We broke the story ... Pauly thinks she's unfit, but we've analyzed the pics and she's pretty fit to us.


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She's a young, really pretty girl with a great body and looks like she's already a terrific mom. Pauly just doesn't want to pay. He wants the baby so he can hand it over to his mother.

373 days ago


Wow, Mom has a bad nose job, dad has a bad nose job ... Poor kid ... Better start saving now - nose jobs are expensive!

373 days ago



373 days ago

Just My Opinion    

These type of women make me so sick. So sad to want to live your live this way.

373 days ago

Johnny Dee    

@Tracy you must friends with her ex because Amanda is a great mother to both kids. She is not money hungry he should pay support for his child. Her ex was a drug addict that is why she doesn't want him around her son. Her kids have everything and are very happy. Just because she worked at Hooters doesn't mean she is an unfit mother. She is in college and trying to make a good life for her children. This was not for the money. She got pregnant and did not want to kill her baby and I commend her for that. Amanda keep your head up you have nothing to be ashamed of. The truth will come out. I love you.

373 days ago


If he is still careless as he was on the show,I'm sure he wasn't worried about how,"Unfit," this young lady was or the fact she had another child as well. It's hilarious how he wants to worry about that now. Who knows if he's completely honest about her character anyways,ppl automatically believe him b/c of who he is. I don't know him or her,but based on what I've seen them do on TV he is NOT one to judge or talk or throw stones. What does that say about him when he met her wherever she was working back then? Oh ok you are NOT any better dude! IDC how many TV shows you're on acting crazy & drunk. Celebrities or w/e Reality TV stars always think they're right about everything. Well YOU ARE NOT!

373 days ago

Al Delvecchio    

Poor Amabella. At least Rosa Coletti would have high-tailed it to a convent & passed her off as a "niece" before she brought shame to the family, Pauly. Ayep, ayep, ayep...

373 days ago


How can you peoples sit here a trash talk on a woman that you don't even know..regardless of the situation she is still some1 mother she deserve as much respect as any other mother out there in the world..instead everybody take side with a famous dj that's known to prey on young drunk girls man I just hope Paula d don't come to your town making you daughter a victim of the dtf a feh....

373 days ago


Can't believe his net worth is 15 million.. Well she really hit the lottery on this one. Ring that register for 18 years!

373 days ago


Really adorable baby, too bad this is the same old story "boy meets girl, wants girl", then as soon as she get's pregnant...she is trash??? Crazy

373 days ago


People are still having unprotected sex with strangers? In this day and time?

371 days ago


As a single mother of six I can understand what this girl is going through with that douchebag. Amanda, stay strong girl. God does not give you more sh't than you can handle.

370 days ago
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