Kiefer Sutherland On '24' Movie ... Hell Yeah, It's Possible


Jack Bauer could FINALLY end up killing terrorists on the big screen ... at least according to Kiefer Sutherland who tells TMZ there's still a very real chance "24" could be made into a feature film.

Kiefer was out with his '24' team at Mr. Chow last night -- executive producer Howard Gordon and director Jon Cassar -- and we figured it was the perfect time to ask about Jack's long-term future.

The rumors of a "24" movie have been swirling for years -- and got even stronger when show honchos announced the series was returning to TV next summer after taking a break back in 2010.

Question is ... IF the show was made into a movie -- how many people do you think Jack can kill in a 2-hour span? We're setting the line at 45.