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Pauly D

Baby Mama Has Texts ...

He Wanted an Abortion

10/24/2013 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


10:50 A.M. PDT -- 
Pauly just sent a Tweet that seems to address the situation: "Sometimes in life things aren't planned and they may even scare you at first, but they end up being a blessing."


Pauly D
wanted his baby mama to have an abortion ... and here's how we know.   His baby mama is trying to sell texts he sent to her urging her to end the pregnancy.

TMZ has learned ... Amanda Markert is trying to hawk the text messages to various media outlets in which Pauly asked her to end the pregnancy and he offered to foot the bill.

Sources tell TMZ ... at the time Pauly felt it was the right thing to do, partly because of the way the baby was conceived. There was no plan to have a child ... and the fact is it was a one-night stand.

As TMZ first reported ... Pauly has come around in a big way, not only trying to see the baby but he's fighting for custody.

By the way, get this -- sources close to Pauly say Amanda actually took the money for the abortion, but then ... obviously ... decided to keep the child.



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Why would she put that out there? That poor baby..

365 days ago

The world is disgusting    

I knew this hoe was money hungry. If Pauly wanted her to have an abortion then he should not have to pay child support. She did not love him, it was a drunken fling and she saw dollar signs and that is the ONLY reason she kept this baby. BUT she put Pauly in a fukced up situation and he has manned up. USE CONDOMS, boys!!!

365 days ago


And her point is what?? I am sure Pauly is not the first man to react that way when a one night stand calls and says guess what I am having your baby!!! The fact that she took the money for the abortion could make it seen like she wanted to have one as well could it not? But for her to take the money and then surprise him months later with her little moneymaker is vile! If she knew she was keeping it and that it was his she should have told him up front so he could be present at the birth of his first child if he chose to be. Her keeping the texts and shopping them around only gives fuel to Pauly's claim that she is in it for the money not the baby,

365 days ago


OH I believe this.. I know the girl, she's a sick minded person, who believes in nothing but fame and money. She definitely did this on purpose. She told her son's father that she had ovarian cancer and could not have children, but then got pregnant, then cheated on him with her ex, and did not know who was the father till after her son Mikey was born. Did not want her father to have any part in naming the child and said in court that, the reason why she gave him her last name so it would be easier to make doctors appt (that's what a SSN and birth certificate it for!!). She purposely does not take birth control and I wouldn't be surprised if she pulled the cancer card on Pauly. She parties all the time and leaves her son with her grandparents (her mother disowned her so now lives at her grandparents), and she used to work at Cheerleaders in Philly which is a strip club. She's a pathological liar who needs help. She's trying to play the victim and saying "I don't understand why and how people can be so cruel and negative" please you are the queen of that!!

365 days ago


Even if he wrapped it up, she would have still poked a hole in it. These women are ruthless.

365 days ago


Somebody book these people on Maury, Please!!!! Lie detector tests all around! Damn that would be funny.

365 days ago


Poor Kid - 2 Azz Blisters for parents. However I think she is lower than Congress's popularity. She is the Poster Whore for opportunist and using an innocent baby, is beyond Dis-Damn-GUSTING!!!!!!!

365 days ago


"...urging her to end the pregnancy." You mean kill the baby (or as TMZ would say, it's not a "baby" it's a "fetus"---Germans played the same word games with JEWS, HARVEY to justify mass killings.)
Let's just keep it real--TMZ is obviously doing damage control for of one of their PR pals--and that dumb bitch is not helping her court case-that's already tilted in his favor because he can afford the attorneys who'll have influence in the pay to play courts.
Bottom-line, of course, Pauly has come around in a big way since she didn't murder her child so not only is he trying to see the baby but he's fighting for custody to hold on to as much money as he can.
It's obvious that it went down when she attempted to force him to pony of more money. At some point she threatened to tell the world about his child--he decided to take the preemptive move and tell their buds at TMZ, who'll cover his ass--as they are doing. So now they're both using the media to fight it out to see who'll blink---if it's true that she is trying to sell her texts than I'd say that neither should have custody--they're obviously both f-ed up and the baby is doomed to being a disaster before even getting her first tooth..

365 days ago

Jimmy Stink Finger    

Sweet couple. Hey T M Z, better reserve A WHOLE SECTION for this poor kid in about 10 years.

365 days ago


wrap it wrap it up wrap it uuuuuuuup!!!!!!!!!

365 days ago


wow, just when you thought this couldn't get any worse! SMDH AT BOTH OF THESE LOSERS!!!!

365 days ago



365 days ago


If it was back in the day when only the fittest survived, neither or these morons would have made it. Time to flood the earth again.

365 days ago


Pauly Ds' mom wanted an abortion too but you don't always get what you want!!

365 days ago

david 183    

He is a pig and so is she. Time to grow up and stop the crap.

365 days ago
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