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'Star Trek' Legend

I Support J.J. Abrams

Directing 'Star Wars'

10/24/2013 12:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Unlike the rest of the nerd universe, Captain Kirk (aka William Shatner) isn't offended that J.J. Abrams is directing the new "Star Wars" AND "Star Trek" flicks at the same time -- in fact, he thinks it's "wonderful."

There's been a lot of backlash over Abrams' dual directing roles, particularly because of the rivalry among "Star Wars" fans and Trekkies ... who believe Abrams' involvement in both projects represents some kind of conflict of interest.

But Shatner's different -- he says he's a huge Abrams fan and can't wait to see the movies.

Also in this clip ... 1) We ask Shatner if Priceline pays for his travel expenses ... 2) Shatner cusses at another driver who won't turn right on a red light. Classic.


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HRH Prince Michael    

The Nazis used fire, the Pharaoh and his Godless Feds use electronics to suppress The Word of God.

Divine Justice, has been SERVED:
The 2013 Sentence
The Declaration of 2008
The Final Declaration
HRH Prince Michael of The House of David

373 days ago


But JJ is not directing Star Trek 3

373 days ago


And not mention a lot of Trekkie fanboys are happy he's leaving Star Trek

373 days ago


Jar Jar Abrams and his gay buddy and co-writer Damon Lindelof are the death of every franchise they touch. These masters of allusions are not able to make one movie where the script would make a sense, let alone that they ever understood what Roddenberry had to tell. Obviously ****ner did not understand anything of Roddenberry's ideas himself, sad!

373 days ago

★★★ I HATE MONDAYS ★★★    

The USS Enterprise { constitution class} would kick Dark Vader's ass all over the Galaxy!

373 days ago


this is sending all of the comic-con dorks go into a siezure. Settle down nerds!!!!

373 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

****ner is quite the classic himself. He's been acting pretty much all of his life. He is a trained Shakespearean actor and used to take himself verrrry seriously but not anymore. Personal life aside, I think he has learned how to go with the flow, no matter how it swirls. I like the guy.

373 days ago

Black Adam    

I hope they make an R rated Star Wars. Twi'lek strippers, Spice addicts, tearing someone apart with the Force........smells like an Oscar to me.

373 days ago


Ho, hum... but look who's sitting next to The Captain's seat. Go, Kirk!

373 days ago


Abrams is actually much better suited to direct a Star Wars movie than a Star Trek one. Star Wars has always been about action and adventure first with a strong story second (for the originals I mean). Star Trek is about story and dialog first with some action thrown in to keep it interesting. However the new Star Trek movies are all about action and blowing things up. I like them but they aren't true to the various Star Trek series.

373 days ago


Every time I see his smug face I think of his poor wife he killed and got away with, he looks like his blood pressure is sky high maybe he will blow up soon.

373 days ago


J.J. is 'Producing' Star Trek III 'NOT' Directing.
ANY Research at ALL at TMZ??????
He's directing and producing Star Wars.
GEEZ...... if it's not misspelling words or doing NO research and putting out FALSE Info..... TMZ is screwing something up High School Students might.
WHO MANAGES & HIRES these people????
They'd be GONE in a Real World Business.
EMBARRASSED much TMZ Staff, Geez!

372 days ago

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