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Kim and Kanye

We Want Prenup!

10/25/2013 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
and Kanye West have already agreed ... they will keep their assets separate by drawing up a prenup before they tie the knot ... TMZ has learned.

Multiple sources connected with the couple tell us ... both Kanye and Kim are committed to the marriage and they are NOT signing a prenup because they're worried the relationship might fall apart.  But they're both business people and know given their vast wealth it's just the smart thing to do to have a prenup. 

Kim especially understands the importance of a prenup because her late father, attorney Robert Kardashian, told her over and over about the necessity of having clear contracts when it came to money.

We're also told ... even though they will keep their assets separate, they will have a fat joint account for living expenses that will probably approach the gross national product of a small country.

As for how much they have ... some reports place Kim's wealth at $40 mil and Kanye's at $90 mil.  But we're told Kim's actually worth more than Kanye. 

Go figure.



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Kim made $65 million in 2011. Kanye might be on his "Yeezus" tour be he can't compete with Kim's wealth.

365 days ago


Wishing them the best---at the bottom of the trash with all the rest of the stinky garbage

365 days ago


Far more comments on the Jon Cryer story. The Kardashians are old news.

365 days ago


Why are they even bothering with marriage - it will be over as soon as Kanye is exposed as a homosexual and Kim as his 'beard'..!?

365 days ago


The big question is, WHY is she worth anything? Oh,yeah, she used to be really photogenic? No discernible talent.Society has yet to figure it out~
The iniquity of life?

365 days ago

tmz addict    

you just hope so!

365 days ago


K.J , SO desperate to create banal news stories, about these two has beens. Kim is 33 & a mother (we think), the "bloom is off the rose ",as they say.

365 days ago


Yaaaawwwnnn... where's Bieber ?

365 days ago


Since E! is starting to disable comments about this low class, narcissistic, vain, greedy, materialistic, self-centered, egotistic couple on the planet, thought I would re-post it over here. Quite comical and I'm sure it won't remain on the E! website for long.

The North American Kardashian Whore often is mistaken for its close cousin, Sus Scrofa Domesticus, otherwise known as the domestic pig. While the Kardashian Whore enjoys wallowing and eating in excrement like its close cousins, the former shows more of an exhibitionist instinct and seeks out attention due to a congenital mental defect that has been passed down through the generations. Oddly enough, the Kardashian Whore seems to grunt and squeal in a manner that resembles human speech, however scientists have yet to decode what any of the oinks truly mean, if anything.

365 days ago


Part III of the North American Kardashian Whore....The mating habits of the North American Kardashian Whore are, to put it one way, complicated. First, it finds a wealthy male and begins to drain his finances with shopping and other trivial things. Once the male believes the female Kardashian Whore has committed to a monogamous relationship, the female quickly realizes this and then secretly selects another wealthy male to donate the genetic material required for reproduction. Upon conception the first wealthy male is ejected from the pigsty-like nest and the second wealthy male takes the place of the first, after which the cycle repeats until the female North American Kardashian Whore has had too many plastic surgeries for her ovaries to function properly.

365 days ago


Kim is a business person. I am the Queen of England.

365 days ago


smart move by both of them considering how if the marriage failed they would lose a lot of their assets . not to mention this way they have money set aside to keep the divorce lawers working . guess they will have the same prenup kloe and Lamar have

365 days ago


Who gives a crap? It's all a sham for their stupid fake reality show.

365 days ago


Baloney to the power of infinity....

365 days ago


But she gets exclusive rights to the baby prop.

365 days ago
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