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Baby Mama to Pauly D

Don't Take Our Little Girl

I Want a Peace Treaty

10/25/2013 5:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The chick Pauly D knocked up claims she's no longer looking for a custody war, and is now willing to accept co-parenting with him -- but TMZ has learned the "Jersey Shore" star has serious concerns about another guy in her life.

Amanda Markert called in to TMZ Live to talk about Pauly's fight to gain full custody of their 5-month old daughter, Amabella -- and said, "I would hope that no one would ever want to take an infant away from her mother, and I'm hoping that she can have 2 parents in her life that can get along together."

That's a huge shift -- as we first told you, Amanda and Pauly basically hate each other -- and she confirmed they've had no relationship whatsoever since their one-night stand in Las Vegas.

Sources close to Pauly tell us one of the reasons he wants full custody is because Amanda's first baby daddy (of her 5-year-old son) is currently a wanted man for felony drug charges.

According to a Florida police report ... he was busted for DUI after a car accident, and police say they found him at the scene with bloody needle marks in his arm, and methadone pills -- commonly used to treat heroin addicts.

He skipped a court hearing, and now there's a bench warrant out for his arrest -- but Amanda explained she's already taken steps to protect herself and her children from the guy.

Amanda may want peace, but ... watch the clip. This is ain't no rom com.



No Avatar


Pauly, you might want to go get that HIV test right now.

330 days ago


She made a spectacle of the entire situation .. Guess her porno offer must have come in...

330 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Baby is gonna need a prophylactic dose of Valtrex. Stat!

330 days ago


In summary, Pauly D. is a douchebag and soon to be a complete nobody.

330 days ago


FINALLY, that stupid bitch brought a attorney into the picture to do damage control from her exposing being a skanky. vindictive, gold-digger. This is not to suggest that Pauly isn't a skanky, greedy, selfish, irresponsible bastard--because he's that and more. For instance, notwithstanding TMZ's slant on the story, Pauly magnanimously offered to have his child MURDERED in order to preserve HIS lifestyle and MONEY. It was only after the baby mama put the screws to him did he, "step up to the plate" and make noise to wanting to be involved in the child's life. Furthermore, if I recall his buddies--i.e. "The Situation"--is/was a druggie and Pauly is hardly living a monastic life himself.

330 days ago


I think this girl was 100% in it for the money. She thought when she called Pauly up and said surprise I did not get an abortion you are a father that he would just give her a lump sum of money to keep quiet and go away. She didn't think he would have a change of heart and want to be a Dad and now she is freaking out. No reason Pauly wont be granted at least 50% custody and chances are very good that his child will live much better than her five year old son. It is going to be very hard for her to explain to him why his sister gets to travel, gets great Christmas gifts, has a Dad who spends time with her etc and he doesn't/ I highly doubt Pauly is going to be a deadbeat Dad and that is great for his daughter! As for the druggie BF the court can order he not be allowed around Pauly's child and if the mom doesn't like that then she will lose custody.

330 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Does this girl does not seem to realize how ridiculous she looks in that picture?... LMAO. I swear they need to come up with a tv show like the Biggest Loser but with women/men that don't know how to put their god dang make-up on.

329 days ago


What doucher doesn't wrap it up, gets the girl pregnant, insists on an abortion, then seeks full custody???? If ANYONE would be an unfit parent, it would be Pauly D. The mother has been raising this baby on her own which is tough as hell. How dare he judge her when she's a single mom putting herself through school? Who does he think he is?

329 days ago


The woman was ok when he slept with her!! Where was he five months ago? Did he just get concened when she was going to expose him? Pauly D is a Joke!!!!!

329 days ago


What classy Mother calls TMZ to talk about this. That poor baby.

327 days ago


I love how people just assume **** because they saw it on the internet... Pauly wanted her to have an abortion yet she's the bad guy.. Her ex doesn't even live in the state yet she has a druggie around her baby's.. It takes two she didn't get pregnant on her own. Good for her raising her two children on her own.. Half of you are ****ing retarded and don't have children so you'd never know what it's like or what your talking about..

325 days ago


And I'm pretty sure there is no restraining order if he cared that much he would of been on the next plane to Atlantic city not on his way to dj at another club...

325 days ago
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