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Pauly D's Baby Mama

I'm No Druggie Stripper

Baby Daddy #1: Yes You Are!

10/25/2013 1:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pauly D's got his work cut out for him with his new baby mama -- so claims the daddy of her 1st child ... who has some serious words of warning for the "Jersey Shore" star.

Meet 33-year-old Lance Gerbino, the father of Amanda Markert's 5-year-old son. His friend just posted this video on Instagram, where Lance calls Amanda a crazy "drug addict stripper" --  something she strenuously denies.

Lance is no angel himself -- as we reported, one reason Pauly wants full custody is because there's a felony drug arrest warrant out for him, and he thinks there's a danger if Lance comes in contact with the baby.

As for Amanda, her lawyer tells us, "Amanda is an extremely wholesome young lady who is goal oriented."  He adds she's never been a stripper and has absolutely no drug issues.

BTW ... Lance's friend has taken the video off Instagram.



No Avatar


I don't know her, that is true...however, I would say "wholesome" is a bit strong......

365 days ago


Pauly D, you should have worn a condom and saved yourself from these crazy characters.

365 days ago


So wholesome she got herself knocked up twice by a pair of losers.

365 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

TMZ staff:
Is the chance of having anal sex with Pauly D(ouche) really worth having to destroy this woman and her two children? Honestly, do you really think that moron Guido wants this child to raise? He's going to dump the kid with his Mom (BTW, didn't SHE do a great job of raising her son) and continue to fuque around and bang random chicks.
HOnestly. is Guido married? Does he stay in one spot or go wherever he has to to continue his "career" of acting moronic and playing records?
This kid is better off in a sty with a family of pigs than she would be with that idiot Guido.

365 days ago


" totally whoa bro, me to, me too...Like this is gonna make me famous to bro, whoa!"

365 days ago

tippy katz    

He's more fit to parent the baby because why? He's rich and famous? He's rich and famous for being an idiot. He's a joke that gets paid. So they're both drunken whores. The baby is STILL better off with the mother.

365 days ago


In no way am I taking up for her, but look at him. He looks like a druggie homeless dude lol. Which I guess still doesn't say too much about her...

365 days ago


Yeah... Cuz a vengeful ex-boyfriend with a warrant out for his arrest is an extremely reliable & unbiased source,

365 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

Yeah, let's give whatshisname full custody of a kid.
What could possibly go wrong?

365 days ago


This chick must have some real low self esteem issues to have sex with either of these guys, but then to have the audacity to not use birth control and get pregnant thinking her and these men are stable enough people to be a parent....I think not.

365 days ago


And this douchebag is such a stand-up father. Ya, okay, love how it took his friend to take the video down. Hopefully her lawyer got a copy before that happened. That baby looks healthy and happy to me, leave her alone.

365 days ago


It looks like Douchbag Baby Daddy #1 is retaliating for being exposed. Is probably scrunching of another dumb bitch's. The baby mama chick obviously has serious issues with using sex to for profit--as does Pauly D. They're both whores and druggies. I'd like to Mr. Big shot felon come out of hiding and face the music and show what a bad ass he is.
I'm sure his family gives "white trash" a whole new meaning.

365 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Gerbino... is that Italian for Lil' Gerbal.

365 days ago


Dice Clay would tell you:
the correct term is "WHO-waHR".

365 days ago


This poor kid has no chance with idiots like this for parents. She'll end up in therapy with the Kardashian & Farrah Abraham spawn.

365 days ago
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