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'7th Heaven' Star's Wife

I Want My Half

10/27/2013 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"7th Heaven" star Stephen Collins (who played the dad on the show) is raking in HUGE money with new acting gigs these days ... so says his estranged wife ... and now she wants a piece.

66-year-old Collins filed for divorce from 56-year-old Faye Grant last year after 27 years of marriage and according to new legal docs, Faye's NOT happy.

Faye claims she's been left with no means of income, while Stephen hauls in cash from his various gigs -- including $400,000 minimum for "Revolution," $64,937 for "Devious Maids," $7,682 for "Scandal," and $5,500 for "The Fosters" ... and that's just for 2013.

Faye -- an actor herself -- says she gave up her prime acting years to raise their daughter, and now she can't land a job.

She says she got used to an upper class standard of living while married to Collins -- who earned $1 million to $3 million per year while they were together.

She's asking the court for an unspecified amount of spousal support. She also wants half of a $6 million bank account which includes "7th Heaven" money, stat ... and half the value of 2 lavish properties in Brentwood, CA.

Turns out Heaven CAN'T wait.


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What a Cheap Skate Give her some money to live on. You were Married for 27 years with children Pay up.

340 days ago


Destitute? Please....people are so greedy and lazy. She should look for a job outside of the acting profession and stop belly aching. She will get what $$ she deserves, the California courts will see to that but her complaining that she is left destitute screams out that she is greedy and lazy.

340 days ago


People are so greedy and LAZY! Everyone is squeezing everyone for money.. She's not handicapped so why not look for another job outside of the acting profession? The answer is simple.....lazy and greedy.

340 days ago


I loved his show "Tales of the Gold Monkey." Sorry to hear they are getting a divorce. ;(

340 days ago

BB not bb    

Sometimes the goody two shoes looking types can be the coldest and cruelest. He should give her some money to live on. Why did he even leave her to begin with?

340 days ago


I thought California laws were fairly equitable about dividing up the spoils of divorce? We're not talking 72 days. Although if she's going to get the spoils of 27 years of marriage why does she want more? I'm happily married and don't think things are going to go south, but I also have my own career. These women should try it.

340 days ago


What a POS. Marriage is a partnership. He wouldn't have had the life he had without his wife at home, taking care of him and the kids. She should get half of whatever they made during their marriage plus the royalties from the shows that he was in during their time together. So sick of these a55holes expecting women to drop their lives for the family, only to be tossed to the curve like garbage in the end. MAN THE F*CK UP!

340 days ago


This is why spousal support was created. Two people meet and marry before they are successful. They have a family and stay married for 3 decades, then divorce just as they are approaching retirement age. Anybody griping about how she should "get a job" should just punch themselves in the face for being an idiot. I'm sure she'll walk away fine once the divorce is finalized, but it sucks if she's truly suffering in the meantime.

340 days ago


I think there's a lot more to this story than what we know now. After 27 years of marriage I don't think Stephen Collins is the type of man to leave a woman destitute. But just in case he is, I would think she would be smart enough to save some money for a rainy day.

340 days ago

get real    

You Go Girl! 27 Years? Go for the Jug!

340 days ago


Gold digger. American men need to learn to remain single.

340 days ago


A person want reimbursed for CHOOSING to have & raise a child? Go get a job like everyone else. No one told you to sit on your ass.

340 days ago


Don't worry/ After 27years, she's got 50% of everything he got during their marriage.

340 days ago


Even if a cop did wittness it, the D.A . would con**** a bogus misinterpretation of the "law" and claim the cop didn't have his glasses on, it was raining and might have mistaken the driver, it "appeared" to be an underage driver--but would take further investigation and bribe money, is the person first offense--a driver's ed class and the incident will be erased from the records--
You know the drill.

340 days ago


Let her go flip burgers. It's not his fault doesn't have any talent and never got an education.

340 days ago
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