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Miley's Kid Sis

13-Yr-Old Illegal Driver

Tools Around with Billy Ray

10/27/2013 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus' little sister just one-upped Miley in the reckless behavior department by breaking the law -- driving a car around town even though she's only 13-YEARS-OLD!!

Noah Cyrus was spotted behind the wheel of a Fiat 500 Thursday -- with Billy Ray Cyrus in the passenger seat ... a clear violation in California where you must be 15-and-a-half just to get a learner's permit. 

Laws be damned ... BRC looked pretty happy with Noah's skills behind the wheel -- smiling as they tooled around a quiet street in their neighborhood of Toluca Lake, CA.

Truth is ...  Noah taking the wheel 20-months ahead of sked shouldn't be shocking -- Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus' M.O. is to let their kids act like adults. Remember, Miley bought her own house when she was just 17.

We called Billy Ray to find out what was up with the illegal driving sesh -- but he hasn't gotten back to us. By the way, BRC and Noah can't be ticketed since an officer didn't witness it.

Noah Cyrus ... she can't stop either.


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Trash driving trash - looks like dad has a cig in his mouth?

360 days ago

Cedar Boone    

Gee, thank god we have TMZ to act as moral arbiter. I mean, who better than a gossip rag to judge behavior....

360 days ago


Really why are you being a you guys called the cops to huh no one likes snitches

360 days ago

Choose Laughter    

Rednecks roll like that, behind the tractor at 5!

360 days ago

Good riddance!    

Driving While Underaged Hill Billy!

360 days ago


Good 'ol Billy Ray sure knows how to raise those girls doesn't he? He's starting a little younger with this one than he did with Miley. Do you recall she was 15 when she did the Vanity Fair "bedsheet" pictures where Billy Ray just happened to walk out of the studio and they took those pictures? No one believed that for a minute. He probably set them up himself. I think there's a whole lot going on with Billy Ray that isn't made public.

360 days ago


Calif judges largest source of income is "celebrities" chump change (aptly named).

360 days ago


If that girl has an accident every lawyer in California will be knocking on Billy Ray's door.

360 days ago


This family has replaced the Beverly Hillbillies. They think they are still in Kentucky. Ugh!

360 days ago


So What? Mind your own business TMZ
Who cares if a kids driving a car with their dad?
So stupid.

360 days ago


I started taking driver's ed in the 8th grade(12-13 years old) so I really don't see what the big deal is. Many people in the country or city start learning to drive around 13 years old.

360 days ago


So teaching your child how to drive is bad parenting? Saying that she is going to "end up just like her sister" just because she's learning to drive at an earlier age is a bit outrageous don't you think people?. And Miley's (first) house was only two blocks away from her parents' house. Also it clearly says " they tooled around a quiet street in their neighborhood of Toluca Lake, CA." Not a big city street with lots of cars and traffic but a quiet neighborhood street and don't say "Well a child or animal or something could have run out in front of the car or she could have hit another car" If you're just learning to drive,at any age,those risks are there regardless.

360 days ago


"By the way, BRC and Noah can't be ticketed since an officer didn't witness it." Well DUH, TMZ. So then why did you write the article? BTW, if I would get in an accident where an adult knowingly allowed a 13 year old to drive, no matter who it is or how bad of an accident it was, I would sue. And I'm not a person who sues easily, but a message has to be sent out.

360 days ago


They should amend the law. The 13 year old can drive around the neighborhood as long as Miley keeps her tongue in her mouth.

360 days ago


I think you photographed them in the driveway and made this story up just to give them press

360 days ago
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